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Ideas For Decorating a Wedding Car

Ideas For Decorating a Wedding Car

A lot of creativity and imagination is needed to decorate a wedding car. Decorating a wedding is not easy. Approval of both the bride and the bridegroom must be taken in order to make it a success. Now that you see yourself walking down the isle, you don’t want to take all the decisions by yourself. Your soul mate should help you make the decisions. As you vow to spend your life together and live happily ever after, it is important that you do not share minds and thought. Hence the consent and approval of both the bridegroom and the bride is essential while decorating a wedding car.

There are many ways in which a car can be decorated. There are two occasions as such where it is absolutely necessary to be in a wedding car. The first occasion is when the family of the bride arrives with the bride. The second occasion is when the couple sets off for the reception. Decorating your car in a formal way would prove to be ideal for the first occasion. However for the second occasion, you would need to rack your brains for some creative. If you or your soul mate has always been creative then it would not be problem for you. If not, then you can decorate it the way, you like it. Decorating the wedding car in a naughty way will also suit the occasion.

The taste of the bride should be kept in mind while decorating the wedding car, when the bride goes to church. Her personality should be clearly portrayed. A formal and a simple decoration is liked by some girls, while some like humour added to it. Friends and relative of the couple get the privilege of decorating the wedding car. A professional may also be called if felt necessary by the couple.

You can make your car, catchy, by going with a classic flower garland theme. Using show polish symbols or flying decorations on the car, may not be the best idea as guests do not appreciate the idea. Flowers for decoration would be perfect.

A flower garland along with a ‘just married’ sign would look gorgeous on the car. If you can afford it, using ribbons make the car look grand and special. You should however be careful on not decorating your car too much. If you do so, people may mistake it as a party car. You should be able to make clear to everyone what you are trying to portray or show. You can embellish the wedding car by hooking beer cans to the car’s bumper. Interesting signs and symbols are used by the next generation, a phenomenon which is quite natural.

These are some of the ideas in which you can decorate your car.

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