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Insanely Fun Wedding Ideas

Insanely Fun Wedding Ideas

Around here we love anything unique and unexpected.  But with weddings pouring in our inboxes day in and day out, it can be hard to get that Ah Ha moment.  What we really want to say is, Yeeees! That is so awesome! Can we have that at our make believe someday wedding, pretty pleeeease!  We scoured the web and can wholeheartedly say we have found the 21 greatest, insanely fun wedding ideas.  We think you will agree.

1) Display Cue Cards at Your Ceremony

Just plain funny.  Pros: Your guests will undoubtedly get a few laughs.  Cons: The focus may not be entirely on you and your fiance.

2) Have an Artist Paint Your Ceremony

Wouldn’t the picture be great displayed in your home afterwards?  We also love the idea of having caricature sketches done.

3) Send Save the Dates that are a Little Cheeky

4) Opt for an Anniversary Pinata instead of a Traditional Guest Book

How fun would this be to open on your one year anniversary?  Break open a bottle of bubbly and this pinata!

5) Instead of settling for just one angle, find your best side!

6) Give your groom a little something to keep those feet toasty warm

7) And for the bride, a little something blue

Such a sentimental and personal way to commemorate your wedding day.

8) Send Your Guests Mad Lib RSVP’s

9) Who says flower girls have an age limit?

Get your Grandmas to toss the flower petals.  An adorable and fun way to include them in your wedding day!  Photography by  Genevieve Leiper

10) Provide entertainment for guests with nostalgic cootie catchers

11) Or display word search napkins at the bar

12) And better yet still, showcase a full size Price is Right Wheel

13) An old mailbox makes the perfect wedding card box

14) Serve Your Food Family Style

This method of dining is making a comeback for wedding receptions because of its wonderfully intimate feel and budget friendly price tag.

Pros: Budget Friendly, Encourages conversation and interaction among guests, Great option for pot luck style weddings or self-catering bride and grooms.
Cons: Not all caterers offer this dining style so be sure to check beforehand.

want more fun ideas? see the rest of the list HERE.

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