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Luxury Wedding Favors on a Budget

Luxury Wedding Favors on a Budget

Every bride wants to give her guests the best wedding favors they can find, but often budget is an issue and prevails them from picking the perfect favors they so desire. But achieving luxurious favors for little money is more about savvy shopping then it is about having a big budget, along with a little trickery when it comes to packaging and presentation!

The cheapest way to purchase your wedding favors is to go wholesale. You will find specialist favor wholesalers online, while locally you may find wholesalers for items like confectionary, edibles and giftware. Buying in bulk is always cheaper and despite most favorable buyers offer quantity discounts, going direct to the wholesaler will be cheaper again. You will have to meet minimum order requirements but this is a good option if you have a lot of guests to provide for.

Quantity discounts are usually offered by the larger retailers but can vary from store to store. Do research the market online and compare the discounts offered by various favor stores, along with free shipping offers and discount codes for signing up for their newsletter.

Clearance sales can offer fabulous prizes at knockdown prices but stocks maybe limited and you may not be able to order sufficient benefits to meet your needs. You could always mix and match instead, buying different favors and dividing them between your guests (a good idea for couples).

Online wedding favor stores can be more expensive then equivalent items found in local stores or gift shops. Shop around locally, such as your local grocery store, for things like mini photo frames, luxury chocolates and gourmet teas and coffees. Homeware stores are also a good source of items that make great wedding favors like silver plated bud vases, luxury candles, drink stirrers and shot glasses.

Another option for sourcing luxury wedding favors on a budget are online auction websites. These sites a good places to look for overstocks, brides selling off favors that were excess to their needs or maybe never handed out! They are also good places for packaging and decorations all at much cheaper prices than specialist favor stores.

Finally even the cheapest wedding favors can be made to look amazing and expensive with some clever packaging. Mini glass jars can cost just a few cents each and are lovely for candies, flower seeds and tea leaves. Purchase a couple of meters of faux silk for a few dollars and make your own favor bags or use simple craft boxes decorated with wide ribbon and a fresh flower head on top.

Source by Georgina C Clatworthy

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