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Matron of Honor Toasts – Words of Congratulations For a Wedding

Matron of Honor Toasts – Words of Congratulations For a Wedding

Being the Matron Of Honor is a great honor, but often it can become very stressful and intense from the Matron Of Honor duties. No one wants to let the bride down on her "day of days" but you also want everyone to be able to enjoy the moment. There are a couple of resources I have used (at ever wedding now!) To make things much easier on myself and I get to enjoy my friends special day to the fullest.

Maid Of Honor Speeches has saved my liver from a wine spree at the reception on more than one occasion. It gives you the ability to get ideas from the professionals and put toasts and speches in your own words that seem to flow out like you've been preparing for a year! Everyone will love you! How do I know? Because I'm proud to say, I'm a wedding fav now! hehe;)

Here is a sample speech from the Maid of Honor Speeches guide-

"Hello everyone, I hope you're all having a fantastic time tonight. It means a lot to me to be here sharing in this with you.

I've known Bride and Groom as a couple for a while now, and I always felt like you could tell, even from the beginning, that they had something special … something different. From little things like the way they look at each other to huge things like the people that they've become as a couple, I think we've all always known that their relationship would lead to this day and this place. Bride and Groom have what it takes to go the distance, and I will always be proud to say that I was there on the day the two became one.

There's a verse from Corinthians that expresses more eloquently what I feel about their relationship: "Love knows no limit to its endurance, no end to its trust, Love still stands when all else has fallen." Bride and Groom have the kind of relationship where, no matter what happens, if life as they know it crumbles to the ground tomorrow, their love will carry them through.

May your 'for better or worse' be far better than worse, and may your love continue to grow for the rest of your lives together. Would you all join me in toasting to our bride and groom? To John and Jane. "

To Great Weddings,


Source by Mindy A. Tayo

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