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Post 26-11 Holidays Become Cheaper

Post 26-11 Holidays Become Cheaper

Post terror attacks in Mumbai, in the middle of pale and gloom there is something to cheer about this holiday season albeit quietly in India. If you have thought of surprising your wife with a perfect vacation in Goa for the wedding anniversary or promised your family a great vacation in Kerala but was worried with the budget here's some good news. A stay in Kerala or Goa's much coveted resort is not going to burn a hole in your pocket this winter.

The travel and tourism sector is passing through troubled times. If global meltdown was not enough now it is hit below the belt by the proliferation of terror attacks or threats. To tide over increasing insecurity in the mind of travelers and tourists, post 26/11, the hospitality industry across the board has decided to slash the prices by up to one fourth.

According to industry insiders in places like Goa, Mumbai, Kerala you can expect a tariff cut in hotel rooms by at least 20 percent. So hotels that had earlier increased their tariffs in October estimating a buoyant season had retracted to the rates of the previous year in desperation to boost demands.
This cut is done across the entire segment of hotels, from the high end luxury hotels to even the mid range hotels.

It is widely feared that high end leisure destinations would be worse hit with a decline of 15 to 20%. The only way out it looks for places like Kerala and Goa is to explore the domestic market to the hilt.

Source by Anolkumar Roy

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