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Some Wedding Reception Food Ideas That Will not Break The Bank!

The excitation is building and so are the bills. You wedding is a time you want everything perfect. How do you plan a nice wedding reception and still stay on a tight budget. Keep an open mind. Here are some wedding reception food ideas that will not break the bank.

  1. Ham can be put in a roaster and served as a main meat. Try to offer at least 2 meat choices. Meatballs can be a second choice. Both of these can be prepared and set out quickly.
  2. Try to give 2 potato choices. Our family usually has potato salad and scalloped potatoes. Both are easy to make. My mom makes a nice scalloped potato dish that goes into the roaster as she prepares it and then just turns it on to cook and it is ready and can be set to a warm temperature. Potato salad can be made and put on ice.
  3. How about 2 vegetables to choose from. Green bean casserole is an easy dish to make. Maybe you can make a few dishes and take from the oven. Another vegetable can be corn. Heat and serve or corn casserole. Do not get too complicated.
  4. OK we have 2 meats, 2 potatoes and 2 vegetables. Add a nice vegetable tray instead of a salad. You can have dips for this also. By cutting your own vegetables you will save a lot of money. My mom is 81 and if anyone called her to help she likes to do this. She can sit and still feels like she is contributing. You will be amazed at how many older women love to do stuff like this. Let them help.
  5. You can make a mean roll with those heat and serve rolls. Let someone put them in the oven and do not forget to set a timer. This can mean hot from the oven rolls. Who would not love that.
  6. Get a crew who will help cook and serve. This can be church members, club members or friends and relatives who would rather do that and eat later.
  7. Now add a nice coffee urn and a larger cooler of ice tea and you have a nice dinner ready to serve buffet style. It makes me hungry just writing about it.

I hope those are some wedding reception food ideas you can use. It does not have to be elaborate but you should provide a nice meal for your guests. After all you want them to have the energy to dance and celebrate as your wedding reception continues.

Source by Mary Redfoot Harnetiaux

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