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Want to Get Married, But With Limited Budget? Know More About Economic Weddings

Want to Get Married, But With Limited Budget? Know More About Economic Weddings

From church weddings to garden weddings; from traditional to modern, engaged couples are given a wide range of choices to choose from. While others prefer to have garden weddings, more couples still want to keep the traditional church wedding to actually have the blessing from the priest or the pastor. Others believe that having a garden wedding which is considered the modern one gives more lavish and makes the wedding memorable.

The economic crisis that hits the world nowdays makes it difficult for couples to decide on getting married as well as plan for their dream wedding. The word dream wedding is actually disappearing in the vocabulary of the most average couples nowdays. With the word itself, a dream wedding spells money, which is actually a lot of it and it is not just possible for most people who have thinner bank accounts. Even those who have money still hesitated on spending more money on their weddings because of the complexity of life nowdays. However, it would not be that nice either if couples sacrifice the kinds of wedding that you want just because you have limited resources or because they are hesitant to spend more.

Achieving the dream wedding that you want to have because is not that difficult as long as you carefully plan for it. The best way to resolve this dilemma is to plan for an economic wedding. It sounds very sad since planning for an economic wedding means squeezing your limited budget to have a wedding. Well, if only everyone's pockets are as deep as their love for each other, then planning for an economic wedding is out of the question. Yet, we have to accept that fact that weddings are really expensive.

Making smart decisions on having an economic wedding would certainly keep you're the costs under control. It is inevitable to spend more on food especially when you are planning to invite many guests. Thus, cutting the costs on other aspects of the wedding is a smart move. Schedule ahead at a low-cost location. When planning for the wedding, pick the off-peak season. This will also give you ample time to look for a low-cost location such as clubhouse for example or a garden that offers low package deals. This will give you at least 50% discount compared to doing it on the peak season and follow the June bride tradition.

Pick the right decorations. Decorations for the wedding are usually expensive but decorating the place strategically would cut some costs. When you are planning on a garden wedding, decorate only the parts that are visible to the guests. Decorating the whole place is impractical. The flowers to be used have to be chosen carefully too. Choose local and seasoned flowers instead of the imported ones. Settle for a simple gown. Gone are those days when brides wore long veils and fluffy bridal dresses. Choosing a simple gown would not only cut your unnecessary expenses but also show your natural beauty as a bride.

You see. Having an economic but great wedding is not difficult to achieve. Plan well and make smart decisions.

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