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Wedding Cruises Ideas

Wedding Cruises Ideas

Is sailing off to a wedding cruise a good idea or not is a question of personal preference, but if you like the idea of ​​going on a cruise then a wedding cruise might just be for you.

There are many companies nowdays offering this service – each have their own packages and their own terms of service. To name the few – they are Princess, Royal Caribbean, NCL, Disney and others. If you want to marry on-board then you should pick Princess, as other companies do not have legal authority to provide you such a ceremony and you have to marry off-shore with them.

Regarding the destinations the most perfect ones are the tropical locations that are not very far from your city. The reason is that if you are planning to do a wedding then it means that you will invite some guests and it can become exponentially more difficult to talk people into sailing off to Asia (which is a ridiculous idea) then it is to sail to Mexico Egypt through the Caribbean. Bermuda is also a good place – it all depends on which one is the closest to you.

On different ships you will have different programs. Some ships have casinos, while others do not. Some offer breakfast to your room, with roses and everything – but most people would agree that this is too much. While Princess company does provide the special offer of marrying you on-shore they also have a few drawbacks like not having too expand areas for kids to play at. Royal Caribbean remains the one that carries most of the votes and is a highly regarded cruise company.

Pick the brochure that the company provides you – all the details can be found there, including the possible packages, whether you can take your own flowers or not (usually you can not), whether you can marry on-board or not (usually you can not), whether you can pick your own photographer or not (usually you can not), and etc.

You also might want to give your guests something that they would remember even after the day of the ceremony – you can try and pick some souvenirs that are sold on the islands, or you can give them the albums with something engraved on them to make them more unique and memorable.

The costs of a wedding cruise vary greatly, but you can expect to pay an average price in the area of ​​only 7000 dollars. The trick here is that the price of food and drinks (and other activities, such as casino) is not included in the price-list of the company – that's how cruise companies make money. Nothing earth-shattering, but just keep this in mind.

Some people would agree, though, that a wedding cruise can prove to be very tedious activity to organize and there are many details to keep in mind. If you are not sure if you can persuade tons of guests to go with you on the ship, then at least consider spending your honeymoon on the ship – even those who do not like the idea of ​​a wedding cruise still agree that a honeymoon on a ship is a very attractive option.

Source by Duy Anh Dao

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