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Wedding Favor Sayings: Ideas for Personalizing Your Favors

Wedding Favor Sayings: Ideas for Personalizing Your Favors

Many couples are choosing to make their own wedding favors as a way to cut back on the cost. Homemade wedding favors can be personalized and made to match any theme with a little patience and creativity. To make your guest gifts personalized and meaningful, the addition of a tag with sweet or cute wedding favor sayings attached is a great way to make the gift personal. The following are some ideas for items that are easy to add messages to and some popular sayings that you can use if you are at a loss for words

Attaching the Message

The way you attach the saying to the gift can be either with a label, the kind with a peel away backing (similar to address labels), or you could use tags that are attached with a string, ribbon or twine. Labels that stick on the favor work great when you are giving gifts such as personalized candy bars, plantable seed favors, glass jars, tin boxes, wine bottles, and laminated items. The attachable tags are perfect on items such as jars, tulle or cellophane bags, candles, and soaps.

Here are some popular favor items and sayings that go well with them.

For seed packets or plantable seed favors:

  • Our love continues to grow
  • Seeds of love
  • Plant this seed paper and watch it blossom like our love
  • Love grows among family and friends

Perfect sayings for edible favors:

  • Laugh, drink and be married
  • Thank you for joining us, please enjoy your treats
  • So sweet of you to join us
  • Sweet memories for the day shared with us

Sayings for scented items such as candles or soap favors:

  • The sweet fragrance is love in the air
  • Our love will forever burn
  • Our love will light the way

One of the easiest, yet cutest ideas is to purchase several candy bars and print labels from the computer that fit over the candy bar. The saying could be a poem, the wedding date or something that is meaningful to the bride and groom. Laminated bookmarks are also very easy for attaching a peel-away-back label and the label can be large enough for a small verse if you choose.

When you are creating the wedding favor sayings, make several different ones if possible. This is a great ice breaker for your guests, who will be immediately asking their neighbor what their saying was. The favors can all be the same or you can mix them up For example, if you are giving seed packets, mix and match the flowers. A cheap, yet lovely personalized wedding favor is a votive candle. Votive candles are very affordable, and it is easy to attach a sticky label to them.

These are only a handful of ideas to get you started for sayings and favor ideas. It is really easy to come up with more sayings by simply thinking about what you would like to say to your guests and write it down. Think about what the day will be like and the special meaning it will have for you and your spouse. Then the words you want to say will just come to you.

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