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Wedding Flowers Ideas On A Budget

Wedding Flowers Ideas On A Budget

Millions of couples are saying their 'I do's' even with the economy in bad shape and with little or no money for a proper ceremony. Many brides are becoming frugal and thinking ahead about wedding flowers ideas so they will be able to save money for more important things like the reception food, the honeymoon or a place to live afterwards. Each bride wants her day to be perfect and having just the right foliage for each of the tables, the bridesmaids and the bride to carry is very important to the overall look of the celebration.

Beginning with what the bride will carry with her down the isle, she could use a silk bouquet or a couple long stems of lilies or lilacs, something that does not require a lot of preparation nor needs a lot of them to look elegant. With just a few stems of large lilies tied up with a ribbon that matches the bridesmaid dresses, a bride will look and feel elegant. There is no need to go overboard on the bride's bouquet.

Depending on what the bridesmaid dresses look like, they, too, could tone down on their bouquets. Many people replace some of the blooms with ribbon loops or curls of lace to make them more festive or different then the traditional rounds full of blooms. Some of the bridesmaids even carry matching long stems like the bride or they opt for a small basket of ribbon and greenery to save on the cost of the fresh cut carnations or roses many bridesmaids carry down the isle.

The boutonniere for the groomsmen and the groom are also important but they are also typically smaller blooms. A rose bud with a single sprig of baby's-breath and a single leaf will look handsome on the men. If roses are too expensive at the time of the ceremony, then try carnations. They can be dyed in almost any color to match the color scheme of the matrimonial pairing and will look just as nice. Another way to save money is to leave out some of the shortcomings and less important men. Just have the fathers and grandfathers wear the small lapel bud.

One place not to skimp on is the arrangements for the church alter. These should be larger and real blooms. The bouquets for the church will be kept on the alter for several weeks after the ceremony. They are considered a gift or offering to the church from the couple so they should be done up right with lots of blooms and mainly the larger ones so people in the back of the church can see them.

Table arrangements could have been made with silk blooms and mostly greenery and baby's-breath with a little dash of colored ribbon thrown in for continuity. These are usually not real big for people want to be able to see each other while they sit at the tables and mingle, talk and eat during the reception. A lot of times, someone at the table will take home the arrangement so it's best not to spend a lot of money on the container either. There are hundreds of hobby shops that have floral arrangement bowls for sale that would be perfect for the tables. Sometimes to save money, a bride will fill the vases or bowls up with different colored marbles or the color theme of the ceremony and water and set the various greenery and blooms inside this mixture for a fresh look.

As soon as a couple has set a date, the bride should be thinking of wedding flowers ideas and trying to stick to their budget. There are many creative choices for a matrimonial ceremony in terms of the floral arrangements for the bride and bridesmaids to carry, the table arrangements and the church alter sprays. If a bride looks around at various hobby shops and discount department stores, she will be able to find various greenery and the blooms she wants in silk which are cheaper and will last forever.

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