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Wedding Ideas That Guarantee Good Time For Guests

Wedding Ideas That Guarantee Good Time For Guests

There are a lot of things that can make sure a good time for the guests at the wedding reception and one of the very important things is a photo booth rental in San Jose. However, the following are a few additional ideas that guarantee every guest to have a wonderful time.

Snack Bar

Brides and grooms have been
setting these up for years for the reason that they are super fun. Whether you have
a preference for sweets or something a bit flavorful, a snack bar is a cute wedding
reception add-on that the guests will keep coming back to throughout the night.
Waffles, nachos, cookies & milk, popsicles, hot chocolate, and candy are
some of the favorite snack bar stations.

Food Trucks

If setting up a DIY snack bar
stations sound like too much, think about hiring a food truck for the evening.
The idea is the same as an open bar, but rather than beer and cocktails the
guests can get tacos, ice cream, lobster rolls, or no matter what else you make
a decision.


Believe it or not, some people do
not take pleasure in dancing. So how do you avert those individuals from getting
bored? Casino gaming tables, giant Jenga, bocce ball, and corn hole are some of
the most favorite games that the majority of people enjoy. Whether go with
tried and true favorites or think way outside the box, games will be a fun
break for young and old alike.


Let us face it, kids do not always
have fun at weddings. They are stuffed into uncomfortable clothing, forced to
sit still and keep quiet, and then there is no grilled cheese on the buffet?
Boring! Turn those frowns upside down by hiring a babysitting service to keep
the kids entertained while adults are dancing and playing cards.


Wedding entertainment is not
something you observe on a daily basis but when you do, it is simply
unforgettable. Take some time out of the reception in order to lay emphasis on
a live performance by a local dancer or any other sort of entertainer. Flask
mobs, belly dancers, fire breathers, hula dancers, and acrobats are some of the
performers that you can consider hiring.

Bounce House

Would you like the ultimate
wedding reception activity? Two words: bounce house! For a reason, these are a
staple for every kid’s birthday party. They are fun for all ages and they are a
wonderful approach to burn off some of that additional excitement. What’s that?
The primary colors and cartoon characters will clash with the color scheme, you
say? It would be one of the best things that the kids at the wedding reception

Balloon Artist

You say you are hiring them for the kids but,
face it, you are going to ask for a balloon sword prior to the night is out.
Plus, keep in mind that, for your photo booth rental in San Jose, balloon sculptures and animals make their amazing props.

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