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Wedding Place Card and Place Card Holder Ideas

Wedding Place Card and Place Card Holder Ideas

A lot of preparation must go into planning a wedding, a party or an event. Most events, especially weddings, require a well thought-out seating arrangement for guests. This is where the value and importance of tasteful, well-laid and, ideally, unique wedding place cards and place card holders can be appreciated. Properly seated, they save guests from scurrying about looking for their seats. Guests need only to look for their names, take their seats and enjoy the reception.

Just because they are functional, does not mean they have to be lackluster or uninteresting. They are a perfect opportunity to impress guests with your uniqueness and creativity. The first concern of most hosts will most likely be the consistency to the theme of the occasion. Hosts or organizers of weddings and events like baby showers and birthdays are especially fastidious and particular about the consistency of decorations to the theme no matter how minute certain details seem to be.

There are various wedding place cards and card holders hosts can choose from. Place cards can either come in flat cards or tent-style cards. Flat cards are usually paired with a holder while tent-style cards often serve their purpose on their own. One can easily purchase ready-to-use options that are cleverly designed for any occasion. Design choices abound, from elegant, silver bordered choices to more romantic choices like one with a heart border or even flower detailing. The trick, needless to say, is to choose the most appropriate design for your theme. If wisely chosen, place card holders can easily transform a blah reception area into a stress for the eye, tinkle with any guest's fancy, and awe-inspire the crowd with their party favor feature.

Whatever the theme or occasion there's a perfect holder to match. A mini clothes pin holder will be a huge hit in baby showers parties and so will holiday mittens and white snowflakes during holiday parties. Wedding place cards may be pinned on or atop of place card holders and take come in forms like wedding cakes, wedding bells or better yet, sailboats and sea shells for beach-themed weddings.

There are also holders for more formal events or themes that require more of a masculine or unisex touch such as solid instead of intricate and floral designs. Miniature silver balls on the reception tables will certainly give an elegant finish to formal event as well as get the stamp of approval from meticulous eyes of any gender.

The items mentioned are decorative pieces that your guests can actually take home and display as decor; some items can even be used as picture holders. There are designs that have very specific uses, however, and these can clearly double as party favors. These designs include the luggage tags and picture frames. They can hold wedding place cards during the event and your guests can take them home after. These tags and frames even come in distinct styles and shapes.

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