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Wedding Planning

Wedding Planning

Anyone who is planning a wedding wants it to turn out "perfect." Who does not, right? But have you ever thought it's impossible to pull off the truly "perfect" wedding? Your wedding planning efforts should not leave you frustrated or undesent. The important thing to remember for successful wedding planning is to make the event as memorable as possible for the bride and groom first … family and friends' memories really are incidental to the whole event.

Okay. A few, very important points to keep in mind that will make it easier to orchestrate the "perfect" wedding for the happy couple is to make sure no major disappointments or negative surprises arise.

To ensure this does not happen, here are some of the top concerns to placate.

I. Venue. Make sure the place where the ceremony is to take place is reserved for the correct date. This should be done first; wedding invitations can not very well be filled out and delivered if the place the marriage will happen is not CONFIRMED!

II. Bride / groom measured / outfitted and attire obtained. Some would say this should be taken care of well before the wedding, but as people can add or drop weight, sizing may fluctuate. For the bride's gown, availability of what she wants to wear should be secured at least a few weeks before the ceremony. If photographs of the couple are to be included with wedding announcements, and if the couple is to be photographed in their wedding attire, this will need to be taken care of before hand.

III. Various, professionals confirmed. This includes caterer, photographer, florist, musicians, or any other service providers. If wedding invitations or wedding favors are to include photographs of the bride and groom, the photographer will be one of the first of such professionals to be hired.

IV. Wedding invitation / announcement details are definite. This includes venue, of course, but also time of day and any incidental details like required attire. Wedding invitations can not go out if they're incomplete in any way. Ordering the wedding favors at the same time as when wedding invitations are ordered is a good idea.

If you "lock down" these "top four" must-do's, you will have far fewer worries of things that could go wrong. After these, your wedding planning concerns will be left to more manageable details.

Source by Charles Pruett

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