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Wedding Table Settings Using Decorative Stones

Wedding Table Settings Using Decorative Stones

If you are looking for a creative way to make your wedding table centerpiece really pop, why not think about pebbles? Do not worry, we're not suggesting that you litter your table with rocks from the parking lot! More and more people are using naturally polished pebbles at their wedding table settings and the results are quite striking.

You can purchase polished pebbles in a variety of different shades and then you can let your imagination go wild. If you are looking for a lovely wedding table centerpiece, think about putting a few pebbles at the bottom of a glass bowl filled with water. This adds a beautiful wet and smooth texture to your table, something that can be wonderfully calming after a long ceremony.

Another fun suggestion involves some creativity from you! Instead of having place settings printed, you can purchase an opaque paint marker from a good arts and crafts store and put names and tables on the pebbles. Not only are they useful as wedding table settings, but they make lovely souvenirs as well. Choose from a wide variety of stones; they can be light or dark or striped and designed to stand up on one end or lie down.

You can also keep the stones for yourself. At the reception, leave the stones in a pile on a table and set out opaque paint marks. Let your guests write their wishes for your marriage and sign their names to their stones. This can be a wonderful way to remember your wedding; afterwards, you can take the stones and use them in a garden or fountain setting. Signed stones make a wonderful guest book that will not become water damaged or crinkled with time!

If you are of a more crafty bent and have the time before your wedding, look into decoupaging your pebbles. With the art of decoupage, you can cut out small images that you feel are connected to your wedding-bells, doves, and cupids, just to name a few possibilities- and glue to them to the pebble. After that, you can paint thin coat of varnish over the image to seal it. On the bottom, you can print your names and the date of your wedding underneath. There are lots of choices and you can give your guests a personalized souvenir.

Remember that your wedding should be as unique as you are. Polished pebbles can add a charming note to your wedding table settings and make a great souvenir for yourself or your guests.

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