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Wedding Traditions – From Bridal Showers to Wedding Receipts

Wedding Traditions – From Bridal Showers to Wedding Receipts

Romeo- Oh Romeo- Where you Is My Romeo

Oops, wrong story but you have now found your Romeo and you're now planning your wedding. Typically there are general wedding traditions the bride and groom follows, from the bridal shower, bachelorette and the bachelor party, the wedding ceremony through the wedding reception.

Most brides choose the maid of honor which most likely is her best friend who has laid by her side through the good times and the bad times. Someone the bride knows and trusts! The maid of honor will help her through the planning process of the wedding and even assist in, or organizing the events such as the bride's bridal shower. The bride will also choose 3-5 bridesmaids who will not only stand next to her at her wedding, but, will also help her with the planning or her wedding. Did you know the bridesmaids have been a wedding tradition for centuries? A different meaning back then from today! What used to be said, that the bridal party were there to confuse any evil spirits by dressing the same as the bride. Today of course, the bridal party is there to support the bride.

The groom will do the same as the bride in choosing a best man to stand next to him at the wedding ceremony. Typically he's the best friend who has shared many adventures together and held each other up through the good and bad times as well. He would be the one to organize a bachelor party for the groom which is considered his last night out as a single man. Did you know that in the ancient years, the best man was not only the grooms best and trusted friend but he was there to defend the bride's family off? The reason …… the groom would seek out his future bride, then, he would capture her to make her his wife. Hmmmmm, I do not think that would work very well in today's society. Although, I believe there still are Shot Gun Weddings! But that's an entirely different wedding story. Along with the best man, there are 3-5 groomsmen who stand beside the groom through the duration of the wedding planning.

The bridal shower is where all of the bridal party, the girl friends and the bride get together and have a party event. They will organize a variety of events throughout the bridal shower event. If your bridal shower begins to slow down, bringing out the games you would have a typical play at a bridal shower event. One game may be, "How Well Does the Bride Know the Groom". Prior to the shower event, put together several questions to ask the bride. Some questions may include "How old was the future groom when he had his first kiss" or Where was his first date or more simple ones would be his favorite color, lucky number and so on. There are many games that can be played during the bridal shower. You can find many website which have bridal shower games for your event. Many of the games are simple and will cost you nothing to organize and participate. Another tradition at the bridal showers are bridal shower favors. Used to be your would get some mints, candies or chocolates and wrap them up in tulle or in a small favor box. Well ladies, those days are over and there are many styles and designs of bridal shower favors. Whether your shower is a themed event or by color that matches the wedding decor, there's a favor designed for the occasion. These are inexpensive bridal shower favors you can present to each of your guests and even use as a gift for the winner of your fun filled shower party games.

Now for the best part of your wedding. The wedding ceremony, what every bride wants! As both the bride and groom are nervously waiting, and the clock is ticking down by the seconds, the bride is continually rehearsing the wedding ceremony through and through, wearing something old (linking to her family's past), something new (hope, good fortune and success), something borrowed (from a happily married woman for good fortune), and something blue (love, fidelity, and purity). Recapturing all her decisions with the wedding traditions and planning so she has that perfect wedding she has dreamed of. Yes, today is the day the both of you walk down that isle to become as Husband and Wife, a Unity of one, Wedding Bliss, Holy Matrimony, Yes, today is your Wedding Day ……….. Traditionally, you have a white runner down the church isle (as long as the house of worship permits), The flower girl is ready to spread the rose flower petals, the ring bearer, fidgety, but patiently waiting with the rings softly setting on the ring bearer pillow. Ok, we'll pause a minute. How many of you know the meaning of the wedding ring and WHY you wear them on your third finger? Do you give up !!!, Oh you're searching for the answer now, no fair ……… The ring is a never ending circle which symbolizes never ending Love, the wedding ring worn on your third finger is that the Romans believe that the vein in that finger runs directly to your heart. I know, I know, get back to the traditional weddings. If your doing the lighting of the unity candle ceremony to bond the bride and groom in unity as one, have the unity wedding candles setting on a table with white linen and lace for your ceremony. All your bridal party in place and the wedding guests are patiently waiting as well for the traditional wedding march song to begin. Let the Wedding Begin ……………………………. Do not forget the wedding favors, let your wedding guests throw rice as done in the early days, but today, there are many options for wedding favors for your guests. Wedding poppers filled with streamers, rice shaped as hearts, or dried flowers made into saches. Any of these wedding favors you can find nicely package with great presentation to match your wedding theme, colors or ensemble. Oh Yeah, one more thing, tossing the bridal flower bouquet as the bride and groom are making dashing away to the horsedrawn carriage that awaits them. The bouquet has the same meaning as the brides garter, the single woman who catches it will be the next one to Wed.

Now that the bride and groom have become as one, it's time to party – celebrate a new beginning and journey of life together as husband and wife. The wedding reception will be fun and much more relaxing than your wedding ceremony. As tradition, there are more ceremonies which are organized at the reception. The bride and Groom toast, each of the bridal party will give a small speech and toast to the bride and groom stating many fun filled facts and adventures that they shared with each of them or as an individual life long friend, and how each, the bride and groom are made for each other ….. Soulmates for life. The garter toss for the next lucky single woman for her wedding bliss. The wedding cake ceremony, I know what your thinking !! Yes it is traditional for the bride and groom to make the first cut of the wedding cake and, well ….., you know what happens next.

As your wedding reception is keeping down, the time has come for the new husband and wife to create a little magic. Disappearing acts as the both of them slip away into a limo to reach their final destination … their honeymoon getaway.

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