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Wedding Vow Samples – Tips for Writing Wedding Vows

Wedding Vow Samples – Tips for Writing Wedding Vows

Like we already said, writing your own wedding vows can be very interesting. The only rule is that there are no rules. So, if you decide to write a personalized wedding vow, here are some tips which will hopefully help you write it in the right way.

  1. Remember the day when you two met and the moment you fell in love. You can use that feeling to start writing your wedding vow.
  2. So you can start from scratch, because we know that you want to do this properly, write why you love her / him so much. That's not too hard, is not it?
  3. Of course, you think that she / he is special, right? So say it. That's the point.
  4. Do not consider this an obligation that will stand over your head, start writing your own vow when you are relaxed and well-disposed.
  5. During preparations for the wedding, take some time for yourself when you can relax and maybe that's the right time to enjoy the sweet memories that you share with your beloved one.
  6. Feel free to be funny. Use some nice and cute details from your relationship.
  7. When you are about to write, set the timer on 10 minutes. Write, and when the clock rings, leave it for the night and do not look at that until tomorrow. The most important thing is: Do not stop writing even when you have nothing to say. In those moments, just write blah, blah, blah literally and your thought will appear ever.
  8. Express your love for your loved one on your own way, do not bother to pretend, because this will be felt.
  9. When you are finished, say it first to your friends, hear their opinions, ask them if you are saying with the correct speed, loud enough etc.
  10. Make sure that your vow is either too short nor too long. Your emotions may seem meager and unfeeling if the vow is short and this wedding vow will not be able to impress as it should. On the other hand, the point can be lost in the wedding vow which is too long.

So, this is it. It is not too hard, right? Be aware of these tips when you start writing your own wedding vow. Once again, the most important thing is to be honest to the person who is standing in front of you. She / He will "hear" your feelings even if the vow is not so perfect. Enjoy …

Source by Stefan Jovic

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