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What Goes Into Making a Handmade Quilt?

What Goes Into Making a Handmade Quilt?

A handmade quilt it really a work of love because of the time and energy put into creating it. Each and every handmade quilt tells a story all its own, and is a true work of art.

There are many common designs for quilts: the double wedding ring, log cabin, patchwork, and star patterns are common designs among quilters, but another beautiful style of quilt is a pure white top which is quilted with white thread. The design in the quilting may vary, but it is eye catching and beautiful.

Each quilt is a work of art and just by rearranging the colors, an old pattern may get a stunning new look. Many quilters, being artists, come up with their own quilt designs … something that is unique from what anyone else may make. During the process of making a quilt, the colors are carefully determined on and materials chosen, then the work begins.

Depending on the pattern of the quilt there could hundreds or thousands of small pieces all cut very precisely, then carefully fitted together and stitched to make a beautiful quilt top. This process takes many hours! Most experienced quilters can take one look at a quilt and immediately know what the design is called, even though some quilters will put their own variations into the patterns. After the piecing is done, and the top is sewn together, the design for the quilting is traced onto it. By tracing it ahead of time, you are sure to get straight lines and curves just where you want them.

When that is finished, a material is chosen for the underside of the quilt, and it is stretched into a quilting frame. Quilt batting is placed on top, and the beautifully pieced top quilt is pinned into place. Then the quilting begins. Each piece of the top is usually outlined in hand stitching called quilting and may have several rows of quilting crossing it. After the countless hours of quilting are finished, the quilt is ready to be taken out of the frame, have the edges sewn, and it is finished!

When you buy direct from the quilt-maker you cut out the need for a middle man, and that keeps your cost down while allowing the quilt-maker to receive a fair price for his / her creations. In these tough economic times, we all want to do what we can to help others while saving our own money. Buying items direct from the quilt maker does both and is a good way to help our American economy!

Source by Brenda Jean Martin

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