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Writing Your Best Man Toast For the Newlyweds

Writing Your Best Man Toast For the Newlyweds


Toasting to the newlyweds is expected of the best man, so definitely there should be a speech to go with it. Although a best man speech does not normally have to be 5 to 10 minutes long, drafting it and finalizing it can take hours to do. If you are not the type who writes chapters from scratch and are not confident of your writing skills, then this could be a problem. Coming up with good ideas to include in a best man toast takes some practice and a definite goal in your mind, so here are some tips on how to be able to achieve this:

o Gather all of your thoughts and concern on experiences, memories, and reflections linked to bride and the groom. Try to create an outline so that you will not have a hard time organizing your thoughts in your speech. Make sure that you focus on the groom, your experiences and history with one another, and of course your wishes to the newlyweds.

o Second, try to adapt a tone of voice in your best man toast that reflects the personality of the groom. If he is a funny and careful kind of guy, then add a few funny anecdotes that will send the groom and the rest of the audience in a flurry of laughter. If the groom is the more traditional type, you can stick with the serious yet creative tone of voice to appeal to the groom and his family and friends.

o Lastly, if you can not think of a unique way to end your best man toast, try to get ideas from samples that you can find online.


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