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Muna Serenade 2021- Chicago: Love in the Windy City

Muna Serenade 2021- Chicago: Love in the Windy City


In our journey to inspire love, MunaLuchi has created Muna Serenade: A Curated Couples’ Date. It is an opportunity for engaged couples to express their deepest affection for each other in an unforgettable date night experience. Produced by members of the Coterie – MunaLuchi’s curated collective of elite wedding vendors, selected couples are provided with a photoshoot, video shoot, fine dining, and more.

At our Chicago Muna Serenade, five lucky couples were treated to a luxe date night which included dinner, breathtaking views of the Chicago skyline, and dancing. An expert vendor team lead Candace Reed of CRW Events ensured that the event was stunningly decorated and beautifully executed. Keep scrolling to see all of the details and click here to see the Muna Serenades coming to your city.

I hosted the first-ever MunaSerenade in Chicago, IL. With the help of multiple Black-Owned Wedding Industry Partners, we invited 5 couples out for an exclusive night of dancing with music by DJ Rated AG, food by Chic Chef Catering, and Signature beverages by BP Events. The venue The Penthouse Hyde Park literally was “A CENTURY IN THE MAKING”. Restored ballroom and rooftop terrace venue, with breathtaking views of the Chicago skyline & Lake Michigan. First of its kind.

Candace Reed- CRW Events


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