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A $ 5000 Wedding in New York City?

A $ 5000 Wedding in New York City?

A $ 5000 wedding? How can that possibly be done? How do I spend less, still have fun and have a great time with my guests. Is it possible in New York City? Of course it is. Even within this budget the "Dress" can still be splurged upon. Just remember to keep it at 10% of your budget, and do not forget the tax. Below I'll bet that I am remarrying at today's prices and stay within our new budget. My dress would have to be no more than $ 500 including tax, no more than $ 465.

Venue : One sixth is not too extraordinary and actually might be a bit more, mine was. I wanted to be married at my home church by a specific minister, who preaching style reminded me of my father's preaching style, so price was almost no object to me in that respect. To assume that I did not shop around would be to lead you astray, though. I did check other venues, including the parks. One thing to remember is that ministers do not usually move from their home venues. If they are installed or pastor at a certain church or hall, they do not usually travel to other venues to officiate. That was not helpful, but I was able to afford Riverside and had always wanted to use Christ Chapel, because of its intimate and quiet beauty. Five years ago when we got married we paid $ 1200, but to stay within your budget you have pay no more than $ 833.00

Food / Reception venue : Cater from a catering house, but keep to a specific maximum and make sure the hall or bar you are catering into has a kitchen. Food can be expensive depending on how many people are at your wedding. Pricing begins from a traditional cater for as little as $ 35 per person or as much as the sky as the limit. For a sit down reception for 65 people come in at $ 2300.

Music : Going with a DJ is still quite dear. Remember $ 100 an hour at the minimum, possible, but probably not. It, of course depends on the how many hours you want them to spin. The invention of Mp3 players are great for staying within your budget. Use it and save, big time. Realistically using your own Mp3 player will cut your cost on this front down to nothing, plus you are in control of what is played and when. The only expense might be round up a great speaker system, but that could be fairly easy and gettable without much expense as well.

Flowers : Ordering locally and the mention of a wedding can again get pretty pricey. Evidently anything to do with a wedding becomes premium. Flowers we have to remember are items that are grown and cut for specific occasions with weddings being one of the largest. Another way to go is just go to a greengrocers or deli that sells flowers out front (if you live in New York City). Another route is to go with an online delivery service of flowers or even an online do-it-yourself flower service. I used the latter, which were considered special orders but they were within easy reach. Check out they even have wedding bouquets which are under $ 300. A virtual steal of a deal, especially for flowers. So go to a flower wholesaler or if you live in New York City go to the corner greengrocers, who sell long stemmed flowers by the bouquet. Those are still a savings. Total costs could be as little as $ 300 or if you like flowers and want to spend 105 of the wedding costs, then flowers could be your theme at $ 500 and believe me at 50 Roses you can get a great amount of flowers for $ 500, probably more than you will know what to do with. If you love roses, you also go to a local roses warehouse out in Queens sells roses for $ 8 / two dozen. Not a bad price at all.

Transportation : One limo for the bride and bridesmaids, then after the ceremony add the groom, and a set of parents and off you go to the reception hall if it is separate. Go to a small company that has 3 – 5 cars and I am sure you can cut a great deal. We went to a local company in Queens and got a great price. Renting a limo for a mid-July wedding on a Saturday in the afternoon for four hours, could run you as much as $ 53 per person, so with eight people it is $ 424, that without tax.

If you spend less money on something else, may be able to afford a significant venue to be married in, but in one of their smaller rooms. Adding up the other items on your list above, you will still have more than enough money to spend on the groom and his groomsmen's tux rental if you're going that route. Tux rentals are surprising less expensive than you might think. And you thought it was not possible. Everything is possible. You just have to believe.

Source by CharLena M. Pearson

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