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Autumn Wedding Reception Ideas – 3 Ideas For a Fall Wedding

Autumn Wedding Reception Ideas – 3 Ideas For a Fall Wedding

Autumn wedding reception ideas are your chance to put a unique twist on your big day. No season offers as much to a wedding as fall, so take advantage of this wonderful season.

The fall season offers many great opportunities and can spark some great ideas to use on your wedding day. From your ceremony, to your wedding theme, to your wedding favors autumn is a magical time to get married.

Here are 3 autumn wedding reception ideas for you to consider:

Use The Season To Your Advantage

There are so many great things about autumn. The weather is getting cooler, leaves are changing color and it is harvest time.

The vibrant colors that fall brings with it make great wedding colors. Choose colors that accent or blend in with the foliage that surrounds your wedding day.

Fall also brings with it many options for a theme. You can choose one main fall wedding theme or combine a few.

Theme options include apples, pumpkins, Halloween, vineyard and fall flowers. Colors can also be used as a theme by themselves or in combination with another fall theme.

Choose A Fall Location

There are many great location options for autumn wedding reception ideas. Whether you want to have your event indoors or outside, the choices are almost endless.

Outdoor, tented weddings are always popular in this season. Estates, backyards, vineyards and historical locations make the perfect setting for a wedding.

When researching locations, try to visit locations in fall the year prior to your wedding so you will have an idea of ​​what it will look like on your big day. Choose a location that allows you to take advantage of the beautiful colors of fall foliage.

Having your ceremony outside is also an option. Look for locations with gardens or perhaps near a lake that offers a beautiful setting.

Indoor locations work equally well in the fall and can still be decorated in a fall theme.

Early vs. Late Autumn

Early autumn allows you to take advantage of warmer weather in most regions of the United States. If you are going to have an outdoor wedding you may want to keep your date earlier in the season.

Planning to have your wedding towards the end of the season will give you a better chance of hitting the foliage at the right time. A year before your wedding make note of when the leaves change colors in your area so you can try to schedule your wedding day during that window of time.

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