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Best Food Selection For a Winter Wedding

Best Food Selection For a Winter Wedding

If you have chosen to be married in the winter, then the typical summer wedding fare will simply not do. If you plan to work with a caterer, he or she will most likely recommend that you have a 3-4 course meal for your reception. While you are planning the menu for your reception, there are several different types of foods that you will want to consider for your menu. For example, you should replace cold summer salads with hearty, warm winter soups. Pumpkin soup, seafood bisque, and pea soup are all perennial favorites amongst wedding guests.

When it comes to determining what benefits to serve for your wedding reception, you should choose eggnog. This annual favorite will warm bodies and spirits. It can be served in both alcoholic and non alcohol varieties. Similarly, spiced wine is an interesting alternative to brandy. It may be served in place of the traditional punch. For younger guests who can not drink, you might want to consider varying hot chocolate. Hot chocolate and marshmallows are certain to be popular with the youngest of your wedding guests.

In terms of the food you should serve for the main course, you should consider hearty dishes that will fill one's stomach. For a more casual wedding, hearty foods to consider include lasagna, macaroni and cheese, and pot pies. Furthermore, these types of foods are simple to mass produce. Comfort foods are becoming very popular in weddings for the 2010/2011 wedding season. Other more nontraditional options for main courses include venison, stuffed chicken breasts (such as chicken cordon bleu), stuffed mushrooms, and gouache. New twists on traditional favorites are also becoming quite popular. For example, traditional short ribs would have been transformed by a caterer with the addition of pears and prunes in a red wine glaze.

Planning the desert for your winter wedding is one of the most enjoyable aspects of planning the menu for your winter wedding. For example, you may choose to serve your guests a Jamaican rum cake. While it is an acquired taste, this type of fare is guaranteed to warm your guests from the inside out. While there is no such thing as a winter wedding cake, certain flavors, such as dark chocolate and red velvet, are associated with the winter season more than other flavors are. For decorative detailing on the cake, candy snowflakes or candy canes could be paired with a snow globe topper.

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