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Charming Ideas For Personalizing Your Wedding

Charming Ideas For Personalizing Your Wedding

Your wedding should be more than beautiful, it should be personal. There are some wonderful ways that you can make your wedding tell your own story. These are charming ideas for personalizing your wedding.

Nothing is more personal than photos. There are quite a few ways in which photos of the bride and groom can be incorporated into the wedding design. At one recent ceremony in a rustic yet elegant barn, the entrance to the site was lined with photos of the bride and groom, showing the timeline of their lives. It began with baby pictures, and went through the years, ending with images of the happy couple together closest to the door to the ceremony. In keeping with the rustic setting, the photos were clipped to a clothesline with old fashioned clothespins, which was just perfect.

Another neat way to put your personal stamp on your wedding is with the table names. Rather than the standard numbers, choose names that have meaning in your life together. They could have the names of places that you have visited together, the names of your favorite authors, or anything else that refers to a shared hobby. Not only will these unique table names add character to your reception, they are a great conversation starter for your guests.

A beloved poem can also be a lovely idea for making your wedding speak about you. Choose a favorite verse that has meaning to you, and use it as a continuing element through your wedding. The special phrase can be printed on your ceremony programs, including in your vows, and even be used on the favors, so that your guests will take a reminder home with them.

Speaking of favors, they can be a wonderful thing to personalize. They should also tell a story about the bride and groom. For instance, if the bride loves to make homemade jam or the groom makes his own maple syrup, little jars of these homemade delicacies would be ideal wedding favors. If the bride and groom are avid skiers, a little Christmas ornament in the shape of a skier would make a great winter wedding favor. The wine enthusiasts could share their hobby with their guests by giving out small bottles of their favorite vintage or a box of wine charms.

One other charming way to personalize your wedding is by giving special little gifts to the people that are a part of it, such as the bridesmaids and mothers of the bride and groom. One bride that I knew had pretty white hankies embroidered that said "mother of the bride" or "grandmother of the groom" and so forth to give to each close family member. Some brides will have delightful pieces of wedding jewelry handmade to give to their mothers and grandsmothers. The jewelry can be handmade to tie in with the theme of your wedding, such as a favorite color or motif.

Your wedding is such a special time in your life that anything that you can do to make it exclusively yours will only add to the memories. Let yourself be creative, and look for those elements that will help to share a piece of your life with your wedding guests. It is a delightful way to add character to your wedding.

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