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Choosing a Wedding DJ

Choosing a Wedding DJ

This can be the single largest decision you will make in planning your wedding reception. This is the person who will guide your guest through your wedding experience and make sure you are the center of attention to your guest. It can be overlooked, it can be daunting, but with these tips you will pick the master of ceremonies that will make your wedding memorable (in a good way). Each of the over 15,000 Dee Jays in the United States alone will tell you how great they are … this guide will help you discover the truth of that and help you make an informed choice.

-The easy advice first … Pick a DJ who has performed at a Wedding you recently went to and enjoyed … with this option you know exactly what your getting on "your" Day.

-If you have friends who are more party friendly than you AND have similar musical tastes, ask if they can recommend a DJ, which you can contact.

-Wedding planning sites usually have recommendations (or at least links) to local DJ's (look at the links on the right on this site). Now you will have to audition these people to find the best.

-If you are not able to see a DJ perform (in person) ask if they have video recordings of recent events you can peruse. Or at minimum photos of events they hosted. All professional craftsmen keep track of their recent work … your DJ should not be any different.

-Beware of prices Too Low and Too HIGH … You will most likely be disappointed by these people … Either not enough quality or not enough experience is the most likely cause of these prices.

-Listen to your DJ's voice and ask yourself "Do I want to hear this voice my entire Wedding Day?" It is important to like the tenor and quality of your DJ's voice if they are acting as Master of Ceremonies for your Wedding Reception.

-If you get a good feeling from a DJ … Ask for references. This man may come off as great over the phone or in an interview setting … But do you want to find out (after your Wedding) that he has a reputation for showing up drunk … or for sitting on the bridesmaids?

Now once you have decided upon DJ to serve at your Wedding, Sign a contract. Always sign a contract with specific details and services your DJ is required to perform. You do not want to find out later you were supposed to supply the sound system … or something else crazy. (Make sure it states that they are going to act as "Master of Ceremonies" if you wish that situation)

Well with these hints you are ready to start your search for the perfect DJ.

Source by Mickey Sullivan

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