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Current Trends in Wedding Guest Favors

Current Trends in Wedding Guest Favors

Wedding favors are those small gifts that are given as a gesture of appreciation to people who attend a wedding. Giving these gifts or favors is a very old tradition and the European aristocrats had such favors as bonbonniere, which was the best wedding favor at the time and was a small trinket box made of crystal, porcelain and other precious stones. Inside these boxes were sugar cubes and other delicate confections. Almonds covered with sugar replaced these bonbonnieres and these sugared almonds are the ancestors of the current favors. Today, these favors are shared in many cultures worldwide and particularly in the United States and Canada. These favors are diverse, depending mostly on the financial capabilities of a couple and they usually complement the theme of the wedding.

Wedding guest favors are the same thing as wedding favors, the only difference being that wedding favors may be given to anyone who attends a wedding, but wedding guest favors are only given to invited guests. Every girl wants gifts given during her wedding to be trendy and the manufacturers of wedding favors are constantly searching for new ideas of packaging old gifts and new gifts altogether.

A current trend with wedding favors is to give edible tasty favors. These can be personalized chocolate bars, individual truffles, cookies, fruits, or a slice of the cake. These are irresistible to most people and you can never go wrong with them, unless you give the people lousy treats. Another current trend for these favors is to offer drinks to your guests, the gifts can be in personalized wine bottles, and the beer can be from a microbrewery. It is however important to balance the gift well so as not to seem cheap and on the other hand to avoid not to go bankrupt from buying lines beyond your reach.

Yet another current trend with wedding guest favors is giving plants. This has not caught on yet but it has attracted some attention. You can give little plants in antiqued pots, this will lend a natural feel to your party wedding, and people will always remember it every time they see the plant. You can give herbal recipe with your potted herbs or you can decide to present bamboo shoots with personalized labels. You should consider who are attending the wedding because your friends might be people living in urban jungles.

Another current trend is to give favors according to the themes such as animal crackers for a wedding held with a zoo theme or wedding dainty bags of tea for those in attendance of a wedding held in an English manor. Another current trend in wedding guest favors is gifts that add a note of vitality to the wedding, but you should make sure the humor is in good taste so as not to cause embarrassment. Whiche favor you choose for your wedding, it should be memorable and it should be noted that expensive does not always mean better!

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