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Do not Miss The Royal Albert Hall, One Of London's Most Iconic Event Venues

Do not Miss The Royal Albert Hall, One Of London's Most Iconic Event Venues

When it comes to cultural entertainment, London has few shortcomings – a fact that's remarkable in the city's impressive calendar of theater, music and dance performances, not to mention its spectacular host of concert halls and event venues – one of the most iconic and versatile of them being the Royal Albert Hall. Inspired by the success of Prince Albert's Great Exhibition, the Royal Albert Hall was opened in 1871 – ten years after the Prince's death. Being large affected by ancient amphitheatres and notions of the arts, the oval structure's terracotta walls are decorated on the outside with a frieze dedicated to "The Triumph of Arts and Sciences". Today, the stunning venue begins as a testonomy to the architectural and aesthetic achievements of the past, as well as the technological developments of the present; it even features the largest pipe organ in the British Isles.

The Royal Albert Hall hosts a wide variety of entertainment events, including classical, rock, pop and jazz music, sporting events, galas, banquets and balls and the world-famous Proms series. It has a capacity of 8000, but is typically packed with crowds during the summer months when the Promenade concerts take over. Thus, visitors have to the option to queue up on the day of an event in order to get cheap, last-minute tickets for the seat-less "Gods" level, or to book in advance for seats up front.

The Royal Albert Hall has a year-round line-up of traditional and contemporary theater, music and dance events. Upcoming performances include: the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra on 15 March, the Classical Spectacular 2007 from 22 March – 25 March and the Cathcart Spring Prom concert on 17 May. There's even a Ballroom Dancing Championships event being held in autumn!

If you're planning to attend an event at the Royal Albert Hall in London, make sure you book a hotel in South Kensington . That way, you'll be close to the future and you'll still stay well connected to other top London attractions such as Hyde Park, Kensington Palace, the Victoria and Albert Museum and the Natural History Museum. Moreover, South Kensington is located right next to Knightsbridge, which, being home to the exclusively famous Harrods and Harvey Nichols department stores is one of the prime shopping districts of London.

So, during your next visit to London, book a hotel in South Kensington and attend a performance at one of the most iconic and atmospheric music venues in the world: the Royal Albert Hall.

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