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Eloping at the World’s Wedding Capital – Considering Las Vegas

Eloping at the World’s Wedding Capital – Considering Las Vegas

Have you ever wondered why Las Vegas is called the wedding capital of the world? The simplest answer here is to look at the statistics: more than 100,000 couples got married in Las Vegas since 1996, and many sources have said that the current statistics have ballooned significantly. In 2006 alone, more than five percent of all the weddings done in America were conducted in the state of Nevada. And while there are no statistics on the number of elopements that happened in the state, it is common knowledge and understanding that it is a popular eloping destination as well, making the city infamous for its quick wedding ceremonies that are just what elopers want. Although the statistics explains why the famed locale earned the title, it doesn’t explain how that came to be. Besides being a popular wedding destination, what makes it a popular eloping destination?

There are perhaps two main reasons: convenience and practicality. The state of Nevada is lenient when it comes to issuing marriage licenses. Obviously, before a couple can marry, they need to acquire a marriage license. Now, in some states, it takes more than a day to issue the license. Obviously, waiting for the license can put a dent on one’s plans to elope and marry immediately. Because Las Vegas is lenient when it comes to this, it is an ideal place for eloping. Also, some states-Mississippi and Montana, for instance-require blood tests. The blood tests are done to detect if any of those who are applying for the license has syphilis, which is a form of sexually transmitted disease. Las Vegas does not require a blood test.

Eloping in Las Vegas can also be practical-can, because the city offers cheap wedding alternatives. A couple can get married for as low as 50 dollars. Of course, it is home to some of the most renowned amenities and attractions in the country, so it is only natural that, for a top tourist attraction, some wedding centers and facilities charge rather heftily.

Beyond these two reasons, however, it is still an ideal eloping destination. Those who are not Americans or citizens of the United States can still get married in there; all they need are the usual requirements for the marriage license. It is a popular venue for unique elopement packages. Although elopements are rather secretive affairs, those who do bring a few guests (or even those who don’t) choose to enjoy themed-weddings. And after the wedding, couples can enjoy the sights and sounds of Las Vegas-from everything in the Las Vegas Strip to destinations outside the city.

Anyone who plans to elope won’t go wrong with Las Vegas. It may seem a little typical (it is the so-called marriage capital) but it also appeals to many because of its old-school charm. Hollywood stars and artists such as Zsa Zsa Gabor, Mickey Rooney, and Frank Sinatra got married in Las Vegas. Obviously, it is a perfect eloping destination.

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