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Las Vegas Wedding – A Dream Comes True

Las Vegas Wedding – A Dream Comes True

Weddings are an important occasion no matter which part of the world you are, or which culture you belong to. Years of preparation, hours spent, lots of small details to be checked. That is all necessary if you want to have an average Western wedding.

But when we talk about Las Vegas, things change. The luxury of the city makes things a little bit exaggerated there. Limousines, casinos, sophisticated food, rich and famous people wandering all over the marble halls of the most expensive hotels in the country. All these elements make a wedding in Las Vegas much more than a common wedding; they make it a big event, not only among the glamor-local-scene, but all over the United States, and depending on the bride and groom, in the whole world.

In order to have a dream Las Vegas wedding, you can pick one of the packages of the numerous wedding chapels you can find in the city. Their offices seem to pop up on every Vegas corner. There is a wide range of options to be chosen, including the most traditional to the most exotic ones.

The bride can arrive at the church or at the ceremony in a helicopter instead of a limousine; the church can be decorated with rare flowers coming from distant places, such as China and Mongolia. The ceremony can be broadcast on the internet for all your friends and family to hear and see it or you can have a costume wedding with costumed characters that go from "The beauty and the beast" to "Titanic". You can hire a famous and recognized person from American society to make a speech during the party or you can have an Oscar award theme ceremony, and many more unbelievable themes and options.

One of the most picked packages is the theatrical package, where you have smoke effects, sets, special lighting and a professional crew of actors making performances during the wedding party. If the couple is looking to take advantage of the Las Vegas sunny days, they can pick one of the outdoor packages. They are a little less expensive, but no less chic and charming.

One of the most important things about getting married in Vegas is to know how to choose the right chapel for your type of wedding. The city has more than fifty of them. Small ones, big ones, awesome ones and sophisticated ones, of course. The number of guests varies from small ceremonies, just for close friends and relatives, where you have about a hundred guests, to stopping-the-country ceremonies, where you have thousands of guests.

Las Vegas gives a fairy tale atmosphere to weddings, making up a whole world of romance, love and glamour. These numerous exquisite items make a wedding ceremony in Las Vegas something really expensive. So, if you want to have a typical Las Vegas wedding and you're not rich, you'd better save up, because all this luxury costs no less than 500 thousand dollars.

If you dream about having this magic wedding, being rich or not, just allow your imagination to soar and make your wedding come true, because wedding ceremonies are always something to remember.

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