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Places To Have a Wedding Reception

Places To Have a Wedding Reception


Wedding reception is the fun time of the occasion after a wedding. It is a happy event, where the invited guests mingle with each other and meet the bride and the bridegroom. It is the part of a celebration to have dancing, drinking, fun and laughter. So, when planning for a wedding reception, always keep in mind the venue. There are number of places to have a Wedding Reception.

Planning for a wedding reception is a lifetime event. It is important to choose a location that follows the theme and spirit of the wedding itself. Wedding receptions can be held in the same place, where the wedding have taken place or in a fresh location. There are myriad of places to have a wedding reception but choosing a place depends on the type of reception the couple likes to hold.

The choice of wedding reception venue should be well researched. The first thing to consider while choosing a location is the budget. There are many options to choose from such as romantic restaurants, outdoors, theatres, a cruise or a club. There are also cities which have historical sites that a couple can choose to hold a wedding reception. These historical sites sometimes go well with the theme of the wedding. It can also add an authentic setting and greatly enhances the wedding reception.

There is new trend going on of having wedding receptions at museums. This is really helpful when planning for a larger wedding reception as the place in the museum would fit the occasion. It poses an elegant setting to a wedding reception.

Outdoors are great places to have a wedding reception. Mansion courtyards and public parks are wonderful places to hold an outdoor wedding reception. They have great sceneries and views already with them. These are large open places and can hold large number of guests.

Romantic hotels and restaurants are ideal places to have a wedding reception as they create a wonderful setting with candles, flowers and light music. Music is played live in hotels and the good food and wine would make the guests comfortable and happy. There is also space for dancing and holding activities and games.

When choosing a place to have a wedding reception, always hold in mind the parking area. So pick a location that has a convenient parking lot for the guests. Wedding receptions should be planned well ahead of time if looking for a popular location that is booked often.

The biggest thing in finding a place to have a wedding reception is to have a good time and a memorable evening. So be creative and make your wedding reception a special one.


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