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Thrifty Wedding Tips

Thrifty Wedding Tips

Weddings now cost thousands of pounds to successfully pull off. You have to think of so many things for the wedding ceremony and the reception as well as the honeymoon that going bankrupt soon after is a possibility. So many soon-to-wed couples have a rude awakening when planning their wedding because of the costs involved.

But why should worries over wedding costs overwhelm your happiness on probably the happiest day of your life as a couple? You can always adopt the following thrifty ways to finance your wedding sans the fears of bankruptcy.

Recycle for Cash

In the news today, a couple from the United States funded their wedding reception by recycling – selling, that is – used soda cans numbering approximately 400,000 cans to net proceeds of $ 3,800 (about GBP 2,500), which will be used to treat their guests to a fun reception.

Now, if they can do it, you and your fiance can, too. You have the benefit of numerous recycling centers all across the nation where you can recycle your old stuff for cash. Plus, you will also be helping the environment with your recycling efforts.

There are many things that can be recycled. Start with mobile phones that can fetch as much as GBP 200 by recycling an Apple iPhone 3G or a Nokia 6300 for GBP 40. You may add MP3 players and digital cameras, DVDs and computer games, books and clothes and just about any old stuff you can find in your basement and attic. Remember that what may be trash to you is art to another bloke.

You have two choices when recycling old stuff. First, you have the old-fashioned way of a car boot sale, which is good for selling things by the bulk. Second, you can go on an online auction site like eBay and sell your stuff the modern way. No matter which method you choose, money is sure to come pouring in.

Rent to Save

Nowadays, you can rent many wedding accessories from the bridal gown to the venue of the reception. You can not, of course, rent the food and drinks since you have to spend for these important items of the wedding reception. This is where the money from recycling comes in.

You should tap into your network of family and friends to secure referrals for good rental establishments. You may also use the yellow pages and the Internet to browse through vendors that either rent or sell wedding items for very affordable prices. Your budget will not suffer in the process.

If you want something to remember your wedding by, then take plenty of photographs from digital cameras and then sitting for just one formal portrait. Or you can just buy the shoes but rent the dress. Or you may grow flowers for the decorations and the bouquets.

You also have the option of asking your guests to bring a potluck dish to share with then others during the reception. When phrased in the right manner, you will still have your good manners intact since going potluck is now an acceptable norm.

The possibilities to be thrift but not cut too many corners on your wedding are almost endless. Let your imagination work in your favor and you will be surprised at hoe much you can save on your wedding and still make it memorable in a good way.

Source by Amanda J. Peters

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