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Wedding Anniversary: These Fun Facts Are Not to Be Missed

Wedding Anniversary: These Fun Facts Are Not to Be Missed


Let those wedding bells never stop! Let the love never fade. Let the closeness never wane. It does not matter whether your wedding bells chimed years ago or just a year ago, make sure you never miss a chance to be with each other on your wedding anniversary.

Are you sitting far away from each other?

Even if you are sitting in different corners of the world, make sure you are making your presence felt in each other’s lives through meaningful gifts like anniversary cake, or flowers or custom coffee mugs. However, another very interesting step in this regard would be to discover a few fun facts about wedding anniversaries. Documented below is a rundown.

Ready for some fun facts?

Let’s start off from where we left. Gifts! Yes. While gifts have become an integral part of modern celebrations, anniversary gifts do have substantial history to fall back on! Do you know that earlier men used to gift their respective wives silver wreaths on their 25th anniversary? It was replaced by a golden wreath on their 50th anniversary. One can well imagine how the 25th and 50th anniversaries actually got their alternate names!

In Denmark, the concept of 12 and a half year anniversary celebration makes for a huge deal. It is alternately known as copper wedding. The couple is gifted half of an arch crafted with spruce. They get the other half once they reach their 25th anniversary. The significance of the arch is not only restricted to it just being a gift. The family customarily decks up the arch with light and flowers and keeps them right at the entry of their home.

The practice of giving strange gifts on wedding anniversaries actually originated in Central Europe. The practice of gifting wreaths that we have already talked about here actually originated in Germany. Those of you all who are not really aware of the same – do let us tell you that silver symbolized harmony and was considered integral to making several other years of matrimonial bliss possible.

Silver Wedding: More than just “Silver”

Notably, though it’s silver which is largely associated with the 25th wedding anniversary, there are two other gemstones that have such connections as well. What we must not forget is the fact that green garnet and favorite are the less known connections that we are talking about here. Additionally, rose and iris are two flowers that are widely associated with silver wedding anniversary.

Before 1937, it was only the 1st, 5th, 10th, 15th, 20th, 25th, 50th and 75th anniversary that had a metal associated with the same. It was the American National Retailer Jeweler Association which came up with a more informative list in the year 1937. According to the list, every year up to the 20th year was associated with a metal. Then metals got associated with every fifth year up to the 75th year. However, the 65th year was excluded.


It has been reported that a Taiwanese couple who celebrated their 86th wedding anniversary together in the year 2003 holds the record of being the longest married couple.


Source by Anand Tiwari

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