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Wedding Secrets – Booking Your Reception Location

Wedding Secrets – Booking Your Reception Location

What is one of the most stressed out times in your 'soon to be married life'? Trying to find the perfect wedding venue or wedding reception location. But there are secrets to helping you maneuver through this very dangerous territory. Read on for tried and true tips on how to secure a happy reception.

Since wedding venues tend to be booked up even more than a year in advance, the first thing you MUST do is to secure a reception location. Nothing is worse than getting engaged, then setting a date and discovering that your ideal place is booked. Then you change the date to be able to have it at your favorite location, but now some close family members can not make it that day. And the cycle of having problems with your wedding location continues.

This also means, book your locations before booking any service vendor. You do not want to deal with any last minute situations such as, "Sorry, we can not do that". So, of course, get everything in writing signed by the location manager, service vendor (if they are different people) and signed by you and your future spouse, or who is paying for the wedding.

Secondly, be very careful about your choices for menu. Many times, the vendor or dining hall will not include certain items that were discussed at your initial meeting. Remember, they are trying to sell you and lock you into a date. And unfortunately, more times than not, they will over exaggerate what they are giving you to secure your business. In order to keep them to their word, take notes during that first meeting. Add every detail regarding the menu, cake, serving times and whatever else is included. At the end of the meeting, have him / her sign or initial your paper. This will keep them honest.

Thirdly, make sure that if it's an outside wedding venue that there is an alternate plan inside for both the ceremony (if it is there) and the reception. If they do not, then you must ask them if they would erect a tent.

Another very important subject that sometimes is forgotten is parking. Do they have valet parking? Is that going to cost you extra money? Does their parking lot have enough room for all of your guests? I know this sounds trivial, but I've seen too many weddings ruined because of overlooking a 'small' point as this.

Lastly, have a 'tasting' of the food before you sign any papers. Some private vendors will even prepare food at your home. If it's at a venue where they prepare food right there, then ask them when you can come and taste some of the menu that you will be choosing. If they balk at this suggestion, move on. You will save yourself much torment on your wedding day.

Unfortunately, some location problems can happen on the day of your wedding, and sometimes, they are beyond anyone's control. But if you take my 'secrets' from this article and do all of them, it will ensure, as much as you can, a wonderful reception experience.

Source by Delora O'Brien

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