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Weddings Abroad – Pros and Cons

Weddings Abroad – Pros and Cons

Your entire life you've dreamed of having a wedding that was unique; something that people would remember for a lifetime. And all your friends and family have used up all the great venues and ideas in your local area. So what do you do? Have a wedding abroad; to a destination far, far away. But is that feasible or even desirable? Read on and all your questions will be answered.


1. The wedding could actually be less expensive. History has shown that many of your guests will not be able to join you. Because of that, venue costs which include catering and drinks will be much less.

2. The weather, especially if it's a tropical wedding, is always perfect.

3. Many wedding companies in foreign countries such as France, Italy and Cyprus plan the entire wedding and all the hassle is taken out of your day.

4. If you've both decided that you do not want to invite everyone including the 4th cousin removed twice on your father's sister's friend's side, then a wedding abroad is ideal for you. And for those that can not make it, you can always have a small get-together at a restaurant or a close friend's home when you return.

5. Lastly, and probably the most enticing, is that you are already on your honeymoon! No extra packing, flights, rushing off to catch a plane, etc. etc. etc.
There are many wonderful reasons to get married in an area away from home, but as everything, there are also many reasons not to. Read on for the list of the cons of a wedding abroad.


1. If you've dreamed of having a large wedding with all your friends and family, then this is not the wedding for you.

2. Check the local rules for getting married when you tie the knot in another country. In some countries it's easy; in others it can be a very long process. And in still other countries, no matter what you do; you will not be legally married there if you are not a citizen of that country!

3. If you have a lot of special items you want at your wedding, then this is not for you. To transport everything to your location would never be worth what you're trying to save.

4. The distance prohibitions hands on for your wedding. You are at the whim of those that are on site and handling your wedding. Also, if you are someone that likes some sense of control over your wedding, then you will spend tons of money on long distance phone calls.

5. Friends and family may want to spend their vacation at your honeymoon location. You may have to spend more money on airfare just to get away. Plan this ahead of time and be very vocal to people about how you feel about this.

Weddings abroad can be very unique and very exciting. They also can be very scary and aggravating. Be very aware of the above pros and cons before you make any plans. Get references from others who have gotten married at the location and make sure you get everything in writing. Do not get talked up in the romance and forget about the reality of the situation. And most importantly, get everything in writing. If you abide by these simple rules, you could easily have the most loving and amazing wedding ever.

Source by Delora O'Brien

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