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Where to Marry – Finding the Right Venue

Where to Marry – Finding the Right Venue

Have you been wondering where to marry your beloved? Have you been talking it out with your friends, trying to find a place that is exciting or original or outlandish? Are you reluctant to go for the usual and traditional places, but you don’t know where to marry?

Where to marry is as important as that perfect dress, the impressive cake and the lively music. Today, more and more couples are turning away from traditional venues and want their choice to stand out. Originality is often the goal. So where can you get married? Read on for a few new twists on that old ceremony.

The Isles

An increasing number of couples are opting to get married on the sunny beaches of a tropical getaway. This can prove to be an expensive venture if you’re planning on paying for the arrangements of your wedding party, but if everyone is on board with making a vacation of it all and paying their way, this can be an exciting time for all.

And just think, you’re already a hop, skip and jump from your honeymoon suite.

Princess’s Dream

Renting lavish homes, expansive manors and even fairy tale castles has gained great popularity in the past years. Couples love the old world ambiance these estates can bring to their ceremonies.

Shop around and you’ll be surprised with what you can find. Prices vary greatly, and reservations need to be taken well in advance. The bigger and more popular the venue, the earlier you need to get your bid in.

The Great Outdoors

The nearby park, the mountains or the lakefront. Many couples are choosing simple yet elegant spots that can easily accommodate a wedding party. Check with your municipality to find out where to marry in your area.

The perfect decorations can turn virtually any outdoor venue into the perfect and totally original setting you’ve always dreamed of.

Right at the Reception

Some people hate the hassle and inconvenience of having to leave the ceremony only to have to drive to the reception… and this drive can sometimes be surprisingly long and complicated. Of course some couples still want that cort├Ęge from one place to the other, but many are choosing to forego that in exchange for a more practical option.

They have the wedding ceremony in the very same place where the reception will be held. This is especially appreciated when venues would otherwise be far from one another.

Guests have a chance to step out and have cocktails, take pictures and hobnob after the ceremony before re-entering to find an enchanting ballroom ready to receive them for the night of partying.

Home Sweet Home

This can be an especially sweet choice when the party is to be small and intimate. It can also be a very wise choice when budgets are limited, or you perhaps choose to put the money you have on a more lavish honeymoon.

The key is to clear away as much furniture and clutter as possible and give yourself and your guests plenty of room to move about. The added advantage; no one can come tell you it’s getting late and you have to go home. You get to decide when the party’s over.

Wondering where to marry? You have plenty of choices.

Source by Tina L. Jones

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