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Why is June the "Wedding Month?" The Practical Guides From History

Why is June the "Wedding Month?" The Practical Guides From History

You never have to wonder how so many weddings occur in June because I'm ready to tell you the reason for the occurrence. More herbal lore and legend.

In the middle ages there were religious taboos about how often one could wash their clothes or take a bath. For clothes, monthly washing was allowed, however the use of saches, stuffed with fragrant herbs, kept the clothing smelling fairly fresh through the year.

For bathing though it was a yearly occurrence. Part of reason for the bath was also a practical one, it was awful cold in medieval Europe and folks did not think it important to do so, nor did they want to end the frigid air and chilliness, plus that was reinforced by teachings of sickness and poor health.

The ladies and gents would wait until the weather warmed up enough to bathe in the river outside or take the annual bath outside in the warm sunshine. The kids were bathed and usually enjoyed the dip in the stream or pond. Well I do not have to tell you how bad the odor was of a person who had not bathed for a year!

The practice became to take the annual bath in May and thus began the ritual of cleanliness, elimination of body odor, and some time elapsed before the annual bath ritual caught back up. The next month, June, was the month of matrimony since the man and lady now smelled nice, as well as most folks attending the wedding, so it became a custom to have "June Brides".

"April showers" did bring the beautiful wedding bouquet "May flowers" for a "June bride".

Source by Bob G Johnson

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