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Borghese Active Mud Review: My Latest Discovery in Health and Beauty

Borghese Active Mud Review: My Latest Discovery in Health and Beauty

I have been using Borghese Fango Active Mud for Face & Body 17.6 oz (500 g) for the first time. I'm not sure how I missed it but I certainly agree with users who have given it rave reviews.

What is it?

Fango is an Italian word for mud. The main ingredient is mud, of course, made from the earth of Tuscany in Northern Italy. This mud-earth contains many nutrients, and Borghese has added its trademark "Acqua di Vita" Complex along with plant oils, from geranium, lavender and avocado for example.

What does it do?

There is a good set of benefits to your skin. Used as a face pack Borghese mud:

  • removes dead skin cells,
  • un-clogs pores
  • removes impurities

(and it smells nice too!).

The best thing is that soothes and softens the skin on your face (where it is mostly used) and, if you want, all over your body (maybe your arms and legs). All the reviews I have read agree that the benefits are real. More than one woman said it was her "number one beauty secret".

How do you use it?

You will need to scrub your face first then slap on a nice thick layer.

The thicker you apply the mud the better, because it will take longer to dry out. This is important because for the best effects you really should not let the mud dry out. Provided it stays moist, Borghese Active Mud can be left on the skin anywhere from 3-10 minutes depending on your skin type. If you tend to have oily skin, you can leave your face pack on longer (approx 5-7 minutes), although sensitive skin should probably choose to keep the mask on for less time (approx 3-5 minutes).

If you are applying it to the body, you can keep it on longer than you would the face (approx 7-10 minutes). Some reviewers say they keep it on for up to an hour, but that's not recommended.

Then you have to get it off, and I've found that can be messy! One good trick is using wet kitchen paper to wipe it off, rather than rinsing with water.

How often should you use it?

Fans of Borghese Active Mud say they use it one or two a week, and that should be quite enough.

Are there any drawbacks?

Borghese Active Mud is a deep cleansing mud mask, and for most people it does not dry or irritate the skin. But if you have fair skin you might not want to use it during very dry weather or if you do, leave it on for just 5 minutes instead of 10. If you have very fair skin, or your skin is super-sensitive you could consider trying milder versions as a precaution.

Is it really so good?

Most reviewers rave about it; for example "When you remove it your skin will glow". But you will not know unless you try it for yourself.

Source by Susan Vale

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