Saturday , 20 October 2018
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From The Kitchen to The Bathroom

From The Kitchen to The Bathroom

In today's economy many people are turning to their grandmothers secrets secrets. Secrets dating back generations on beauty remedies. These homemade wonders are what fuel many home based businesses. These remedies are traveling through word-of-mouth to friends of friends of friends and more often than not have proven true. I myself have dabbles in homemade bath and body products, handmade bar soap mainly. With this experience I can provide a luxury hand and body soap that will give the priciest companies a run for its money.

With the cost of everything rising, its no wonder so many people are turning to more organic and homemade items. With the cost that it makes 10 bars of soap, lets say five dollars, a soap-maker could make over 500% of that back. With each bar being sold for about $ 2.50 a bar, multiplied by ten, then that person would make twenty five dollars out of five dollars. Not too shabby if you ask me. What these kitchen wonders have that mass produced one do not it the artisan work put into it. Every soap-maker I have ever met pours their heart and soul into each bar. The colors and ingredients are hand selected to combine the most beautiful yet luxurious bar ever produced. Customers of these artists know that they are getting a quality organic product made specifically for them and not a commercially produced "beauty bar."

Another homemade beauty product that is becoming just as popular are hand and body lotions. This item as well is a careful potion of the most skin softening oils and butters known to man. With ingredients like Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter, Olive Oil and Aloe Vera; it's no wonder why so many people are turning to home products. When someone dabbles in homemade beauty, the possibilities are endless as well as an income, whether it be just a side hobby or for those with a successful business.

I would much rather trust a family or friend when it comes to product reviews than some Internet survey. This way, I know i am not being lied to or there is false information provided just to boost sales. All in all, the bathroom bath and beauty business is closer to home than you think. There are millions of people out there that are doing it and the artisan community is the most helpful i have ever seen. There is no judging of moral character or anything, just the same people with a common interest and want to make the best of it. With that, I see nothing wrong.

Source by Kayce Mick

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