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How to Make Wedding Planning More Enjoyable For Everyone Involved

How to Make Wedding Planning More Enjoyable For Everyone Involved

When a man and woman decide to spend the rest of their lives together, it is a magical moment. For many, that moment is followed by months and months of extensive planning. All that planning can be a long and stressful process but it does not have to be. As a wedding floral designer, I have met with hundreds of brides and have deal with every kind of expectation, insecurity, opinion, space limitation, budget restraint, and family member.

My best advice is to have fun. Some of my favorite brides had a great time planning their wedding. They remembered why they were working so hard and they had a great time doing it. Some brides were so much fun to work with we became close friends over the course of the planning. Also, be open to new ideas and trust your sellers. We are here to elaborate on your ideas and offer creative ideas based on our expertise. Please take advantage of our years of experience – after all, that is why you are paying us.

Here are some tips that will help make the planning process more enjoyable for you and everyone involved in the planning process:

1. Keep Things in Perspective – It's your wedding day – not a major film production.
2. Remain Calm – Buddhas may need adjusting, some flowers may not be in expected, the exact linen color you wanted does not exist in your price range, or mother nature may not cooperate with the weather. Trust the professionals you hired to create a magical day – they will make adjustments as problems arise. They want your wedding to be as beautiful as you do – that is probably why you hired them.
3. Know What You Want – Make decisions and stick to them. Making major changes at the last moment may increase costs and could cause undo stress.
4. Remember It's One Night – It will be a beautiful and memorable event, but do not let it rule your life.
5. Smile – You are in love and have found the man of your dreams! It's your wedding day – now let your team of experts do their jobs.

Hopefully, these tips will prepare you to take on the next steps in planning. It is important to hire experienced, reputable vendors who will listen to your ideas and expand on them. Delegate where possible and concentrate on the areas most important to you – such as gown, d├ęcor, seating arrangements, and honeymoon plans. Hire a great team, make timely decisions, make necessary adjustments, smile, and have a great time!

Source by Amy Child Marella

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