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How To Get Salon Perfect Hair at Home – Tips for the Perfect Blowout

How To Get Salon Perfect Hair at Home – Tips for the Perfect Blowout

We all look great when we walk out of a salon, but what's the secret to getting the same fabulous look at home? Having a great cut helps, but that's just the beginning. The real secret is really all about using the right tools and techniques. Getting a salon smooth blow-out at home is possible, especially if you know how. This article will discuss the best tools and the step-by-step technique to get a salon perfect blowout at home.

Let's Start at the Very Beginning – Get Rid of Excess Water

After washing your hair, gently towel dry to remove water. This means wrapping your hair in a towel, not a noisy buffing of your head. Again, the key is to remove excess water to make drying easier.

Now it is time to start the drying process. You will need to get your hair reliably dry before you actually start the styling your hair with the hair dryer.

Step Two – Proper Drying Technique

For this step, use a flat vented brush so the air can blow through the brush. Set the hair dryer to the highest heat and fastest speed which is appropriate for your hair type. The thicker you hair, the higher both the heat and speed setting should be.

With the dryer pointing down, gently run the brush through hair. Follow the motion of the brush with your dryer. When your hair is about 80% dry, it's time to move to step two: styling the hair.

Step Three – Tips and Tricks for Smoothing Your Hair

To properly style the hair, begin by separating the hair into four sections; two sections on top and two sections on bottom. You will dry each section separately.

Use a ventilated barrel brush to smooth and style the hair. Again, the idea is the air should pass through the brush.

Starting at the roots, pull the barrel brush through your hair. You will want to put a little tension on the hair to help straighten it out. Remember to point in the hair dryer down. You will want the air to flow over the brush, not into the brush. This will help smooth out the hair cuticles and really add to that shiny, glossy look. Also, as you dry your hair, use the barrel brush to turn the ends under slowly to create a polished, finished look.

As you finish drying a section, move to the next. To finish and help set your style, set your hair dryer on the coolest setting and cool the hair. In addition to setting the style, this will help close the hair cuticle, getting that salon perfect smooth look.

Source by Jessica S. Davis

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