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How To Travel Cheap – Honeymoon In The Bahamas On A Budget

How To Travel Cheap – Honeymoon In The Bahamas On A Budget

Have you always wanted to take a trip to the Bahamas, and now you are getting married and thinking of honeymooning in this tropical area? Here are some tips on how to travel cheap and still enjoy this romantic getaway on a budget.

First, be flexible with your dates. Of course you want to head right out after the wedding, but if you can get a better airfare by traveling a day or two later, consider just staying in a local hotel for a night or two or even delaying the trip by just a few days . You could end up saving quite a bit, and do not forget to check alternate return dates.

If traveling by air, do not forget to check other nearby cities with large airports even if they are a couple hours away. I normally travel out of Orlando but on occasion I can get a great deal by driving to Tampa and leaving from there. When looking for ideas on how to travel cheap this is a helpful option.

Once you arrive, save money at breakfast and dinner by eating at local diners and cafe-type eateries. You'll save a few dollars and can then turn around and splurge for the evening meal.

Check online and with travel agents for package deals that include your airfare or cruise, transportation, hotel, and activities. This is one excellent option when planning your trip.

Plan your trip during the off season to save. Peak season is December to April, and prices drop accordingly during other times. If you avoid the busiest time, hotel rates and airfare will be much less expensive. Fortunately, the weather is not quite different from summer to winter and you can still enjoy a lovely time no matter when you arrive.

With these tips on how to travel cheap to the Bahamas, you can have a tropical getaway on your honeymoon and still stick to your budget.

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