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Natural Beauty With Eyeshadow

Natural Beauty With Eyeshadow

Make up benefits a woman's natural beauty and makes her more attractive. One can bring out natural and modest look or a little dramatic look with the right choice of make up. Eyeshadow is the best way to emphasize the natural shape and color of the eyes. Various shades of eye shadows are available in the market.

One can choose either complimentary colors or contrasting colors of eyeshadow depending on the eye color. While complimentary colors enrich the natural color of the eyes, contrasting colors make the eyes the main focus on the face. While neutral colors like beige, chocolate, toffee looks great on all eye colors, caramel and gold shades make blue eyes look very stunning. Those, who have green eyes, can try emerald color eye shade. The green color of the emerald adds up to the natural green color of the eyes and makes them look more fabulous. Brown eyes look good with lots of colors such as blue, purple, champagne, rose and so on. The selection of the shade of the eyeshadow not only depends on the eye color, rather it also depends on the eye shape. While light shades help to enlarge the features, dark shades define the shape of the eyes. These people, who have deep set of eyes, can use lighter shades and those who have wide eyes can make their eyes well defined with darker shades.

Eyeshadow is available in the market as powder eyeshadow and cream eyeshadow. Powder eyeshadow is enriched with pigment and can be applied wet or dry for multiple looks and effects. While dry powder eyeshadow provides subtle look, wet gives a dashing bright and bold look that is perfect for a night out. Powder eyeshadow glides across the lid without any smudging and hence makes the application very easy. One more added advantage of powder eyeshadow is that it can be used as eyeliner as well. On the other hand, cream eyeshadow blends easily and gives a long lasting glowing look to the wearer. One can wear a layer of cream eyeshadow under a powder eyeshadow to get a long lasting and intense effect.

Whichever eyeshadow you are using, it is always important to apply them within the boundaries of the eyelid. One should also take care not to make it too dark toward the nose with eyeshadow, as it will cause looked look to the wearer.

Your eyes tell your personality. Here, it is important to wear the right eye makeup depending on the occasion.

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