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What to Do and Do not Do When Writing Best Man Speeches

What to Do and Do not Do When Writing Best Man Speeches

A best man speech is a speech given to the newlyweds by the best man, a very serious individual in a wedding ceremony. He is not only the man who has been with the groom for a large portion of his life but is also considered the most loyal and respectable person who describes to stand by the groom's side as he takes his marriage vows. The best man speech serves as the best man's wishes to the groom for a happy marriage, a long life together, and that their friendship will forever continue even after the event is over. With all that said, it's no wonder that best man speeches are the highlights of the ceremony.

But the problem that most men face when being chosen as the best man is actually writing the speech itself. For those who do not know how to create their own best man speeches, here are some tips that could help:

o You can download samples of really good and interesting best man speaks from the internet. The World Wide Web is the most convenient place to get samples of speeches for either less or no cost at all, so take the time to browse through sites and blogs for good samples to learn from.

o Never attempt to copy and paste what is written in those prefaced statements into your own. You may never know, one or two from the audience has browsed through the exact same speech you copied from and will embarrass you for it during your speech. Try to twist and turn the sample to come up with something that is exclusively yours.

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