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Wedding Insurance for Remarriages

Wedding Insurance for Remarriages


Wedding Insurance is designed to be flexible to the happy couple's needs – and this includes a second marriage. Whilst cheap insurance may sound like an easy option at first, you need to make sure your wedding insurance is also quality wedding insurance, so that all temporaryities are covered, whether this is the first, second or eighth time you tie the knot.

Whilst the number of marriages has generally declined since 1951, the number of remarriages has remained reasonably steady. According to the UK Office for National Statistics, the remarriage rate rose drastically by about 30% between 1971 and 1972, following the Divorce Reform Act 1969 in England and Wales. Since then, however, the rate of remarriage has generally levled off. Provisional figures for 2008 show that 85,860 marriages were remarriages for one or both people who stand at the altar; in fact, remarriages accounted for 37% of all marriages in the UK in 2008.

Second marriages give couples a chance to start a new relationship, which is informed by both love and experience. You may choose to have a smaller wedding the second time, as you may want you and your loved one to be the center of the day, rather than the cake, dresses, flowers, decorations and other trimmings taking over.

However small your wedding day, you would still be recommended to take out wedding insurance to protect it. Insurance companies offer flexible wedding cover, so both small and big celebrations can be protected. You can also take out wedding insurance if you decide to get away from it all and get married abroad, and you will be financially protected if you have to postpone or cancel your wedding day if the bride, groom or close relative falls ill. Your cake, flowers, transport, rings and wedding clothes will also be covered against left or damage.

A second marriage gives both the bride and groom a chance to really reflect on how and why they are getting married. You will walk down the aisle with more experience and understanding of the commitment you are making and if you have good wedding insurance, will also know that you are financially protected at the same time.


Source by Josie K Anderson

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