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Planning your wedding is as stressful as it is exciting and we at Dream Wedding understand this. It becomes even more difficult when you want to marry overseas, as it is difficult to get contacts and impartial advice, especially if there is a language barrier.

Wedding Decoration Planning – Deciding on a Theme

[ad_1] Wedding decoration planning all revolves around deciding on a theme for your wedding at the start. The theme should not only represent the couple, but the season and location of the wedding as well. After all, a tropical theme really does not suit a December wedding with snow covered walkways. As you begin planning ... Read More »

Planning a Wedding on a Budget

[ad_1] I'm in the homestretch of my engagement. My wedding is 99% planned: loose ends are coming together. I get married one week from today. I've learned a lot along ... Read More »

Wedding Planning History

[ad_1] In 2008, more than two million engaged couples married in the US alone, although in Canada, around 115,000 marriages occur everyday. China, the most highly populated nation, has 9 ... Read More »

Love Is In The Air – Your Wedding Day Planning

[ad_1] These people have more than likely been working in this field for quite some time and have the experience necessary to make your wedding day perfect. They have the ... Read More »

Wedding Reception Planning

[ad_1] Wedding reception planning is a very important part of the overall wedding planning. There are some issues that need to be addressed in organizing the reception for such an ... Read More »

Wedding Planning: One Month From the Big Day

[ad_1] The months leading up to your wedding day are sure to be some of the most hectic times of your entire life. When you first decide to marry someone ... Read More »

I Am Woman, Hear Me Roar – Feminist Brides

[ad_1] Just as there are all different types of women, there are all different types of brides. The woman who is traditional and family oriented will be the same way ... Read More »

Getting Married the Second Time Around

[ad_1] The right dressing sense Do not get sleepless nights fretting over the right choice of second wedding apparel. Opt for light shades of color in your wedding gown instead ... Read More »

Planning the Wedding Together

[ad_1] Some future grooms say early on, "Just tell me when to show up and what to wear and leave me alone" and he leaves the work of the wedding ... Read More »

Wedding Reception – Do I Need a Seating Chart?

[ad_1] Planning a wedding and the following reception follows is hard work. Do you really need a seating chart for your special event? Would it not be easier to simply ... Read More »