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Planning your wedding is as stressful as it is exciting and we at Dream Wedding understand this. It becomes even more difficult when you want to marry overseas, as it is difficult to get contacts and impartial advice, especially if there is a language barrier.

Wedding Tips For Dog Lovers

[ad_1] Some people love their pets almost as much as they love the person they are engaged to marry. If this sounds like you, think about ways to include your special four legged friend in the bigest day of your life. Here are some of the top wedding tips for dog lovers. Are you interested ... Read More »

What's the Best Wedding Planning Book? Choosing a Book to Make Your Wedding Planning a Breeze

[ad_1] Choosing the best wedding planning book should not be a chore. After all, you have so much work to do already in booking the hall, culling the guest list, ... Read More »

Bachelorette Party Etiquette – A Guide For the Bride

[ad_1] The bachelorette party is essentially an opportunity to even things out. If the groom gets one last party with the guys then naturally the bride should have one final ... Read More »

Planning a Wedding at Home? 5 Things to Consider

[ad_1] Now that you are engaged and planning to get married you have many decisions to make in the coming months. One of your first will be: where to have ... Read More »

Wedding Planning Tips – Creating Your Perfect Wedding Day

[ad_1] Many brides-to-be tell me that they have dreamt about their wedding day since childhood. However, as we get older our values, beliefs, and desires change. The big white dress ... Read More »

Steps For Planning a Wedding – Things You Should Know

[ad_1] Anyone who has planned a wedding or know someone who has will tell you that the steps for planning a wedding can take a lot of time and money. ... Read More »

Your Wedding Planning – The First Five Decisions

[ad_1] Who, What, When, Where and How (Much)? WHO: Assuming you already know who the bride and groom will be, the 'who' here returns to family and guests. How many ... Read More »

Check List For Wedding Day

[ad_1] A wedding day is always special day for both you and your loved ones. In this article I would like to make a quick check list as to what ... Read More »

Planning Your Church Weddings the Right Way to Make it the Most Important Day of Your Life

[ad_1] Making preparations for your church wedding might turn out to be an up-hill task for you if you are not too adept at organizing things. So it's best to ... Read More »

Wedding Photography – Planning Tips for Couples

[ad_1] Planning your wedding photography is part of the mammoth exercise of planning your wedding Timing Considerations You need to think through what wedding photos you want so you can ... Read More »