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Candles, tablecloths, plates, favors… there are so many ways to make your wedding bloom! Discover best ideas for flowery wedding design!

Do You Want Ideas for A Gatsby-Themed Wedding?

This is absolutely the perfect time to think about planning a Gatsby theme wedding with the movie out and the 1920’s look getting very trendy. It was a time of ... Read More »

Dating Tips on College Budget

College life is the most exciting part of schooling. Aside from the new things that you will learn, you will also have the chance to meet different personalities. Usually college ... Read More »

Ideal Gifts For Your Filipina Girlfriend

You can give without loving, but you can not love without giving. This is very true but what gifts are appropriate to give your Filipina sweetheart? Here are some suggestions ... Read More »

3 Cogent Reasons Why Building a List Is Such a Good Idea

Building a list of subscribers is a very good idea for more reasons than one. List building makes much better use of the traffic coming to your site. There is ... Read More »

Decorating a Bedroom On a Small Budget

Rejuvenating and updating a bedroom doesn’t need to be major undertaking. You can tackle a bedroom makeover on a tight budget and still get outstanding results. Keep reading to learn ... Read More »

3 Romantic Ideas for Vacation

There are various ways of making a romantic vacation. It does not matter whether it is on the sand, in the forest or in a busy city you both can ... Read More »

Floral and Decor – Wedding Flower Customs and Traditions

Flowers are one of the main elements of most weddings’ decor. Adding flowers that match the color scheme of your wedding definitely brightens any room or venue, and can take ... Read More »

Fabulous Ways to Include Pearls in Your Wedding

Pearls and brides have gone together for as long as there have been weddings. No doubt you are familiar with the classic strand of pearls, but there is so much ... Read More »

How Using Silk Flowers Can Save Your Wedding Budget

Using silk flowers for your wedding is one idea that you will be glad that you went with. Thought of as a social faux pas in the past, silk flowers ... Read More »

Bridal Showers Not Just For Brides Anymore

Wedding lore differs on the origins of the bridal shower. One has it that back in the days when weddings were arranged by families, a poor Dutchman fell in love ... Read More »

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