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Goodbye Tie-Dye

Goodbye Tie-Dye


Tie-dyed blouses or shirts could be associated with the “hippie” style of the early 70s as popularized by some music icons of that time. It was made popular in several countries all over the world. The popularity was easily gained as it was trendy and the looks can be achieved easily from simple to more complex processes.

Tie-dyeing uses bright colors and different dyeing methods in order to achieve the patterned designs in clothing. The basic tie-dye process can be done at home by applying different colors of dye on folded or knotted cloth. When the cloth absorbed the dye already, it is then set off to dry. Patterned lines and designs can be accomplished upon removing the knots after drying. The patterns made by the tie-dyeing process can be seen as a very appealing work of art. Changing the direction of the knots or twisting the material towards one direction could easily tweak the resulting pattern.

There are also other complex methods used by professionals in combining colors, applying dye and making more unique patterns. Different shapes and color combinations are achieved by using non-typical folds and patterns. The designs could also be further accented by rich embroideries or accessories.

As it is associated with bright colors and asymmetric designs, clothes that are tie-dyed are usually worn during the summer season. It is also for this reason that it is more widely used in tropical countries. Shirts and accessories made up from this process can be seen more often in beaches or summer picnics. Aside from colors, the materials that are usually tie-dyed are cotton. Clothes made up of cotton are worn during warm weather. And tie-dyed clothes commonly comes as a day-time shirt or shawl.

But in the middle of other high fashion styles, of flair and glamour, would there still be a place for tie-dyed materials?

As with other fashion styles, tie-dyeing can die slowly as time goes by. Other modern methods in accenting clothes are now being introduced. Too much colors on one attire is no longer eye-pleasing for the present day fashion. In contrast to the numerous bright colors and busy patterns of tie-dyed clothes, what is more popular now are plain black or white. Women would then just accessorized with gold or silver jewelries, belts, shoes and bags. While men’s common dark suit could easily be concluded with a bow or tie and often cufflinks for added elegance.

Even casual wears have changed in trends and slowly adopted the monotonous white and black combination. Though some bright colors are still considered stylish like green, yellow, purple are red, they usually come in one-color dresses and no too-busy designs. Simplicity, clarity and cleanliness direct the current theme of fashion.

But even if modern fashion style would be bidding goodbye to tie-dyed clothes, surely this would be only for a short time. Because fashion has never said goodbye to any style permanently. The designs come and go and after several decades, they will come again with different packaging. So if you have tie-dyed clothes that you have not been able to wear for quite some time, just keep it on your closet. You will never know when you are going to use it just yet.


Source by Mary Michaels

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