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How Do You Choose Your Wedding Bands?

How Do You Choose Your Wedding Bands?

Choosing your wedding bands is one of the most exciting parts of your wedding preparation. Your wedding band, whether we're talking about gold rings or tungsten carbide rings, is one symbol of your love that you will have to wear for a very long time, so it's important that you select the best type.

For most grooms, the process of finding the right type of mens wedding bands can be a little daunting. Unlike women, men have no idea about jewelry terminology and the endless choices of white gold rings, platinum rings and tungsten carbide rings can make it difficult to choose. To help you choose the best wedding bands, here are the top 3 tips that most jewelers give their clients:

1. Choose wedding bands that are appropriate for your lifestyle. Are you planning to wear your wedding band to work? What kind of work do you have? If you are engaged in manual labor (such as a tradesman, a mechanic, or a gardener), then think about how tough your ring should be. Will you wear your wedding ring every day? Will you play sports while wearing your wedding bands? Choose a wedding ring can stand up to harsh treatment.

2. Choose men's wedding bands that reflect your personality. A wedding ring is also a fashion statement. Choose a ring style and make which has a timeless design, and something that fits your taste. Are you a simple, no-frills type of guy? Or do you like something that's different but not too different? Perhaps you're a bold and boring type of guy. Find a wedding band that appeals to you.

3. Choose a wedding ring you will be comfortable of wearing. Most men are not comfortable of wearing a ring. To ensure your comfort, consider the shape and the width of your wedding ring. Look for a design which has softly rounded edges and the inside should have a gentle curve. Another option is to choose a soft fit ring. For your ring width, consider the length and size of your fingers and your personal preference. Most men choose ring width between 5mm and 7mm.

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