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Photo Wedding Invitations

Photo Wedding Invitations

If you have a wedding coming up you will want to make sure all your family, friends and invited guests receive their invitations in a stylish format. One sure-fire way to make your invitations look great is to use photo wedding invitations. There are several different styles of invitations you could use, as invites to your big day.

It is possible to select your favorite photo wedding invitations and make it to your own specifications online. It is now possible to upload your own images to your PC, and then adjust the background to sort out your favorite image backdrop and then even change things like the font, size and borders. You can design the invitations to any style you choose.

For example, why not take an image of you and your fiancée and then use a river bank as a backdrop or a smoky hazed border? Black and white invitations are becoming ever more popular these days as color invitations for the wedding can be translated as a little garish by some. It is also possible to design your own photo wedding invitations from scratch. With a little work, your unique invitations will appear like expensive, well made invitations, where you can impress all of your friends and family.

All you require to make your own invitations is card stock, wired ribbon, paper cutter and good super glue. You can even add picture corners too. This is a great way to save some money and still achieves that elegant looking design. You can even buy a special kit, that includes all the materials and decorations you will need. So, what is the best way to address your invitations once you have made them?

Normally, the outer envelope of your wedding invitations should be slightly formal. Use titles like Dr Mr, Prof and Master etc. You can keep the inside envelope slightly more informal and leave off the titles if you want. If you are addressing your invitations to a married couple the outside should appear something like "Mr. Joe and Mrs Sharon Bloggs." On the inside it would look something like, "Mr and Mrs Bloggs."

When the time arrives at addressing wedding invitations, you may want to learn some calligraphy skills by using a pen with a calligrapher's pointy tip. This will give your invitations that elegance and style. And of course, remember to take several photos of you and your fiancée for your photo wedding invitations.

Source by Alexandra Habbelac

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