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How to Get Great Clothing and Fashion Jewelry Looks

How to Get Great Clothing and Fashion Jewelry Looks


People have become very trendy these days. There are several kinds of clothing and jewelry. Everyone uses the combination in their own style to get a unique look. Some people may like to mismatch clothes to get amazingly unique look with jewelry combination. However, most of the people love to have classic look. To get the classic look one must be aware of all the trends going on in the glamour world to give you an eye catching look.

The jewelry and clothing combination is vital in making a unique outfit. The clothes which one wears should have generally the same or similar colors as that of the jewelry. A white dress or shirt can be combined with white earrings, for instance, or a blue suit with blue necklace looks beautiful. However, it is not good to wear one color at a time always. For example, if one is wearing black color suit with similar colored jewelry, it is better to have a varied color of shoes or sandals to avoid a somber look. A simple silver jewelry or some artificial jewelry looks fabulous along with bright colors.

The other option is to wear a combination of clothing and jewelry that coordinates the outfit. For example, a black shirt may look good with a pink bracelet. There are some colors which match while some clashes out. So, one must be aware of the color combination as this is very important in the make up. It is not only the clothing that must match with the jewelry, the jewelry match is also very important. For instance, silver earrings must be complimented with silver bracelets to get sober look. It is always a good practice to avoid too flashy stuff. When it comes to colored jewelry always make sure to have a good color coordination.

Simple clothes like business suits can have fancy, vibrant pieces of ornaments. In fact these are just suggestions; every person has his own style of dressing and may violate the basics. There are no specific rules to dress up. The color combination can change from person to person. It totally depends on your taste and the type of occasion. Some people mismatch the clothing with fashion jewelry to have a distinguished look. This may be very effective, but one must avoid such dress up while in professional parties or when he has to attend a job interview.

For centuries the precious ornaments were worn as a status symbol, but in the recent times these have been downgraded to nothing more than a decorative accessory. Now people wear it to get glamorous looks. It is not necessary that people love only expensive and heavy items, nowadays artificial plastic, or stone jewelry is also liked by the people. The young generation wants trendy designs with light weight jewelry. The same is true with clothes as now people love to have trendy outfits which are comfortable and environment friendly.

Due to the great demand of clothes and jewelry, the fashion business has gained a momentum and now several institutes have included fashion designing as a special subject. People who are looking to make a career in fashion designing may get admission in premier institutes to get trained.


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